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How is ERPNext a Better Alternative to SAP?

How Is ERPNext A Better Alternative To SAP?

With the new age of technology, everybody is hustling to get their business processes automated. One way to do that is to implement an ERP system for your organization. An ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning system is software that helps you automate and streamline your business processes. 

Now, choosing an ERP system is another task in itself. There is a variety of ERP software available out there in the market. And today, we’ll be comparing two of the top ERP software- SAP and ERPNext!

SAP has been in the ERP business for a long time and leads the list. However, it might burn a hole in your pocket so let us tell you about an alternative.

When it comes to finding SAP Alternatives, one can often get confused. To help you make that decision, we are here with this blog to help you. 

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SAP vs ERPNext: What is the best choice?

A robust and pocket-friendly software- ERPNext- could be a great alternative to the SAP ERP.

ERPNext is an open-source and easy-on-the-pocket solution for Enterprise Resource Planning and offers features in a multitude of domains. When it comes to Accounting, CRM, Inventory Management, Sales, and Purchase, ERPNext Software offers great efficiency. 

Let us give you some pointers on how ERPNext could be a good alternative to SAP:

ERPNext Dashboard Overview

Customization- ERPNext is an open-source software. You can customize it as much as you wish, to meet requirements.

Easy To Use- ERPNext has an intuitive interface which is pretty easy for the users to navigate through.

Broad Functionality- ERPNext offers modules for various business operations like CRM, Purchase, HR and Payroll. 

Mobile Friendly- with a fully optimized, mobile-responsive ERP solution, you will be able to manage your business operations from anywhere at any time.

A Complete Accounting and Finance Platform- with the support of many currencies, taxes computations and facilities for bank and payment reconciliation, ERPNext offers complete accounting and financing solutions.

Linux and web browsers are totally supported by ERPNext, which can be installed either on-premise or on the cloud. 

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The Sales and CRM Module of ERPNext help you with generating reports for quotes, sales, management, and communication with clients.

The Manufacturing and Inventory Management Modules of ERPNext allow you to control stocks, and valuations and maintain inventory warehouses. This would be great for a business that is engaged in distribution and logistics management. 

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Dashboards- You will be able to get all the sales insights at one stop. You would also be able to create your own dashboards to track your specific metrics.

Project Management- Organize, Plan, Schedule and Analyze projects to streamline the collaboration between different employees and departments of your organization. You can also use the timesheets feature to track the time spent by employees on those projects or with the clients and bill them accordingly. 

Support- you can use the features like Automated Ticket Generation for assignments to maximize the efficiency of your employees, you can also plan maintenance visits for AMCs and Warranty services. 

Accounting- from recording transactions to accumulating, summarising and analyzing your annual financial statements, ERPNext Accounting easifies all of the processes. You can create customizable dashboards and accounting dimensions to analyze and track the components. ERPNext also empowers your accounting by supporting Multi-Currency Transactions.

Website Builder- ERPNext is the platform that provides you with the freedom to create, design, manage and develop your website in just a few minutes. 

Energy Points System- ERPNext’s unique feature Energy Points Systems allows you to gamify your sales goals. With this, you can allocate points and incentivize your goals to motivate and make the most out of your team. You can establish healthy competition and keep your team members up on their toes.

Multiple Other Domains- you can establish inter-company transactions and journal entries to facilitate seamless linking to your sub-organizations.

Multilingual- ERPNext is a house of more than 100 languages from across the globe. 

SAP : Overview, features & Its Advantages

SAP ERP System is one of the most popular Enterprise Resource Planning Software. Earlier known as System Analysis Program Development, SAP is a modular ERP Software that is built to integrate the main workflows and functions of an Organization.

SAP: Overview, Features & Its Advantages

Each of these Modules focuses on one or the other essential business process like Finances, HR and Payroll, etc.

With the introduction of its initial products SAP R/2 and SAP R/3, SAP established the worldwide standard for Enterprise Resource Planning. The company’s integrated applications connect all the business functionalities into a smart suite on a completely digital platform.

Some benefits of SAP:-

Helps you in controlling finances and tax payments.

You can monitor costs.

You can use it as a Human Resource Management Tool.

Allows you to plan tasks.

Maintain Product Quality Control.

Create Reports.

You would be able to analyze business performance.

You can manage the sales and track the production process.

SAP is a multinational software vendor that currently serves 180+ countries and offers on-premise, Cloud, and Hybrid deployment models.

The most widely installed SAP software, SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) is an on-premise ERP system and is usually implemented for Medium-sized to Large Companies.

ECC remains SAP’s flagship ERP product, each of its Modules are separated into functional modules and technical modules. 

The functional Modules include:

1) Human Capital Management (SAP HCM)

2) Production Planning ( SAP PP)

3) Sales and Distribution ( SAP SD)

4) Finance and Controlling (SAP FICO)

5) Quality Management (SAP QM)

Although SAP has innumerable applications and features to make use of, it is still a complex system and even steals a hefty amount from your pocket for a successful implementation. 

If you are interested in choosing one of these ERP software for your business, contact us at [email protected]. Our experts can guide you to get better profits and effective management with ERP support

SAP is a licensed software which can be downloaded only with verified credentials whereas ERPNext, which is an open source ERP, is totally free to download.

SAP is a per user licensed system whereas ERPNext is totally free and has no user limit.

SAP is best suited for very large organisations who have got employee strength above 5000 or more, whereas ERPNext is for startups, small and medium enterprises but can also be scaled up.

SAP is more mature when we think of a particular industry or domain, whereas ERPNext has generic features, and it can be customized easily to suit any particular industry.

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