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Introduction: iOS App Development

From a technological perspective, iOS app development is developing powerful applications for Apple's iOS operating system. Building on Apple's well-known security features can lower the likelihood of malware or other dangers in the future. iOS app development services encompass UX and UI design, implementation, quality assurance, and integration of apps designed for iPhones and iPads.  

Being proficient in either of the two programming languages—Swift or Objective-C is essential to developing iOS apps. Hire iOS app developers who use Xcode and leverage the power of Swift, CreateML, CoreML, and other technologies to provide better code completion and interactive previews. 

Our iOS App Development Services

Our end-to-end bespoke iOS app development services have allowed businesses to turn their initial ideas into visually appealing iOS apps packed with the latest features and capabilities. With iOS 16, businesses can enhance the strength and intuitiveness of their digital product with a plethora of additional customization choices. 

iPhone App Development

We assist you in planning, organizing, creating, developing, and delivering iPhone apps that meet Apple App Store specifications. Hire iPhone app developers to create responsive, dynamic apps. Using a thorough approach to app development, we draw on our years of experience and analyze business needs, functionality, design aesthetics, user experience, and app functionality.

iPad App Development

We integrate the newest iOS capabilities into custom, feature-rich applications that are only available on iPad devices. The iPad's unique features and capabilities, such as the 3-axis accelerometer and pop-over UI components, are utilized by our iPad app developers. Our developers are aware of the iPad User Interface Guidelines and know what makes an iPad app unique through the careful application of UIPopoverControllers and UISplitViewControllers.

iOS App Integration

We assist in optimizing the functionality of your current apps, data, and third-party solutions based on your business objectives and priorities. We are knowledgeable about the functionality of the current iOS app and can offer the appropriate integrations. For synchronized business operations, our team can assist in safely integrating your custom apps with your current payment gateways, social media platforms, and systems.

iOS App Testing

Our quality assurance testers do thorough functional, performance, security, and device and platform tests in addition to user experience testing. Our perfect iOS applications help you meet the needs of quick delivery cycles. We use appropriate execution of a testing plan that complies with ISO/IEC 29119 requirements to ensure your application operates smoothly at peak load.

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Technologies & Framework 

Our Dedicated iPhone Developers Uses

Strong technology and frameworks complement our iOS development services. Hire iOS app developers to empower your business to penetrate new markets and strengthen the online presence. 


Swift logo Swift, Objective C Logo Objective C

UI and UX
Adobe XD Logo Adobe XD Figma Logo Figma, Sketch Logo Sketch, Zeplin Logo Zeplin


AWS Logo AWS, Azure Logo Azure, Google Cloud Logo Google Cloud, iCloud Drive Logo iCloud Drive


Xcode Logo Xcode (IDE), TestFlight Logo TestFlight


Restful API IconRESTful API, Firebase LogoFirebase, UIKit LogoUIKit, CoreData IconCoreData, Git LogoGit, Debugging IconDebugging, Deployment IconDeployment



Swift LogoSwift Objective C LogoObjective C

 UI and UX

Adobe XD Logo Adobe XD Sketch Logo Sketch Zeplin Logo  Zeplin Figma LogoFigma​


AWS LogoAWS Azure Logo Azure Google Cloud Logo ​Google Cloud iCloud Drive Logo iCloud Drive


Xcode Logo Xcode (IDE) TestFlight Logo TestFlight


Restful API IconRESTfulAPI ,Firebase LogoFirebase​, UIKit LogoUIKit  Core Data IconCoreData, Git LogoGit, Debugging IconDebugging, Deployment IconDeployment

Why Businesses Should Hire iOS App Developers

Hiring a proficient iOS app developer can prove to be quite beneficial for businesses seeking to establish, enhance, or preserve an application presence among Apple consumers. 

Expertise in iOS App Development

Expertise in iOS App Development

Hire iOS app developers because they have specific knowledge and experience creating apps for Apple's iOS platform. They know a lot about Apple's design and development guidelines, Swift programming languages, and iOS frameworks. The strong front-end and back-end architecture required for fluid iOS apps can be developed by them.

Greater Scalability and Flexibility

Greater Scalability & Flexibility

An expert iOS app developer can provide on-demand work without the need for a full-time technical team, whether businesses require a complete iOS app or just a few new features. Scaling up or down in response to business needs is made possible by this adaptable approach to hiring iPhone app developers.

Efficient Project Management

Efficient Project Management

Project management can be done more effectively if businesses hire iOS App developers. They dedicate all of their time and energy to the successful development of your app, working solely on it. Better communication, quicker response times, and more efficient cooperation with other stakeholders—like designers, testers, and project managers—are ensured by doing this.

Access to Apple Technologies

Access to Apple Technologies

New features and technologies, including SiriKit, ARKit, Core ML, and others, are frequently released by Apple. Devoted iOS app developers are aware of these developments and possess the skills necessary to incorporate them into their work. This makes it possible for them to develop cutting-edge apps that fully utilize Apple's newest capabilities.

Improved Performance and Quality

Improved Performance & Quality

With years of building and releasing iOS apps under their belt, iOS app developers can create high-performing apps that will impress users. They can create user-friendly UX that complies with platform rules and are up to date on Apple's interface standards. To maintain seamless speed, developers also optimize inside using strong logic, effective algorithms, and security best practices.

Our Proud Work

We have created innovative solutions for Fortune 500 organizations and small enterprises during the last 12 years. Check how we assisted them in changing their business structure. View our work.


Employee Attendance Tracker: Application which helps your employees with the Daily CheckIns and CheckOuts. 

  • Biometric & Analytical
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Hassle Free Tracking Attendance
  • Zero Proxies Chances

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GeoMarking- Employee Attendance Mobile App
OdooShoppe Ecommerce Mobile App


E-commerce Marketplace: App where vendors can smoothly sell their products and customers can choose and buy. 

  • Easy Management
  • Customization Friendly
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Multi-Lingual

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Engauge App

Engauge is a Project Management App that is designed for seamless communication, scheduling & task management within your organization.

  • Easy Collaboration
  • Manage Calendars & Meetings
  • Integration and Customization Friendly
  • Create Tasks and Projects

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Engauge Mobile App
EmpPower Mobile App


EmpPower is an extensive Employee Attendance Management App meant to streamline your workforce operations.

  • Track Attendance and Leaves
  • Manage Shifts
  • Organize Projects and Tasks.
  • Manage Payroll

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SalesMan Delivery App

This app is developed to offer exclusive features and functionalities for delivery/sales men and their managers. This app will further help you in streamlining your order and delivery processes.

  • Order Management & Order Handling
  • Order Assignment and Tracking
  • Delivery Boy & Shift Management
  • Product Browsing and Earnings Tracking

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Salesman Delivery Mobile App

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Steps to Hire iOS App Developers

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1. Discovery Call

We'll find out about your timeframe, budget, and business objectives. Whether you require end-to-end software outsourcing, dedicated teams, or staff augmentation, together we can identify the best engagement model to meet your objectives.

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2. Strategize & Team Building

Once we’re aligned, we’ll provide you with the best-fit iOS app developers and other team members to build your app. Depending on your chosen engagement model, they’ll work with your in-house team or independently.

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3. Get Started

We develop your app while keeping you updated at every stage. As needed, scale your participation and receive regular updates.

Why Associate with Kanak Infosystems?

We are the go-to iOS app development company for top clients, from startups to large corporations, for the reasons listed below. 

100% In-house Team

We have around 12+ years of experience and 100+ technical professionals working under one roof. Rather than contracting out work to outside vendors, we handle every project with care to ensure that your goals are met.

95% Talent Retention Rate

Our iOS app developers at Kanak Infosystems have been with us for more than 5+ years. This gives you peace of mind that your project is under competent management and will be overseen by the same team members throughout.

Skilled/Seasoned Developers

Our team of highly-skilled and seasoned (over the years) iOS developers brings deep understanding of the iOS ecosystem. They are proficient in crafting high-quality and top-notch apps that meets your specifications.

On-Time Delivery

We have successfully managed 500+ satisfied customers by using agile best practices, intelligent productivity tools, and smart project pace management to provide solutions within the scheduled timeframe and with excellent quality.

Security & Compliances

To create secure apps, our developers adhere to industry-standard app security best practices and compliances, such as GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc., that are particular to your app type and address issues like data protection, authentication, and authorization. 

Round the Clock Support

Our USP- Round the Clock Support- ensures that your iOS app runs smoothly at all times. Our dedicated support team will always be available to address any issues promptly to keep your app operational.

 Frequently Asked Questions

There isn't one set price. Many factors, such as performance, functionality, visual effects utilization, development time, team strength, etc., affect how much it costs to develop an iPhone app. Generally, that is contingent upon your needs and the kind of your enterprise. Some applications have cost much above or below the average, which falls between $30k and $500k. Hire iOS app developers to find out the approximate cost of iOS app development services. Get in touch to explore alternatives with our iOS development teams if you would want more information about app development costs.

Being a comprehensive design and development company, Kanak Infosystems offers innovative design and quick development to make sure your app stands out from the competition. Our iOS app development services team have also worked in a number of industries, such as e-commerce, healthcare, travel, and food & beverage. They understand how to meet regulations and other company procedures while developing products that increase customer satisfaction.

Apple provides its users with amazing security choices. That also applies to developing iOS mobile apps. To assist data protection, for instance, our developers can make use of technologies like the iOS Data Protection APIs. For our iOS app development projects, Kanak Infosystems works closely with clients to define security and compliance requirements.

Yes, we assist in submitting and ensuring that your iOS application is approved by the App Store. You are in a better position to proceed with the process because our iOS app developers are aware of the prerequisites for App Store submission. When it comes time to submit the app, it will be less of a hassle because your product is made with those specifications in mind. We also provide optimization services to make your application more discoverable to possible users.

Yes, we don't stop working on a product once it's delivered, and we offer alternatives for continuous maintenance and updates as part of our iOS app development services. To discuss your demands for an iOS app and future support, get in touch with us right now.

At Kanak Infosystems, an NDA is the first step in any project. Your project is in our hands, and we make sure that your intellectual property is always safe and secure. Yes, we think that the signing of an NDA is a necessary stage in the creation of a mobile app.