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Frappe HR: A Quick Overview

The Human Resources (HR) module discusses the procedures pertaining to an organization's HR division. Managing human resources is one of the most crucial aspects of any firm. Effective hiring procedures, good staff management, and a successful HR process is necessary to build an effective and efficient workforce. The ERPNext Human Resource Module is comprehensive. To assist HR organizations in managing employee lifecycles, leaves, attendance, recruitment, and training within one module, it offers a variety of settings, documents, and resources.

It keeps up with a comprehensive personnel database that includes contact information, salary information, attendance, performance reviews, leaves of absence, and appraisal records. Processing the payroll using Payroll Entry to produce Salary Slips is the crucial component here. Most nations have intricate tax regulations that outline the charges the business can pay for its employees. The business must follow the rules to withhold taxes and social security from employee paychecks. ERPNext supports all tax calculations and types.

Features of Frappe HR

Pick and select the functionality you need with today's HR systems


The majority of the repetitive, routine tasks that reduce the effectiveness of HR administration can be automated by firms using workflows. To keep everyone updated, the technology allows sending automated notifications to each participant. HRMS lowers the significant cost element associated with manual paper- pushing by evaluating the data.

Recruitment & Hiring

A data study on peer roles may be automated, optimized, and the system can pitch the right salary. With simple-to-use templates and follow-up on recruiting, the automated recruitment module of HRMS(Human Resource Management Software) streamlines the employment process.

Payroll Systems

Payroll's primary responsibilities include determining and paying salaries, computing the proper taxes and deductions, and planning the printing and distribution of paychecks. Its well-stated equations cover all previous compensation and benefits systems, including salary, allowances, and overtime rates in an organization.

Employee Self-Service

Employee self-service is a component of HR systems that are highly valued by many businesses. Employee self-service may allow them to see and update their personal information, request time off, connect with coworkers and HR experts, and view their schedule information. The ease and speed with which employees and supervisors can use self- service portals via any mobile device are often increased.

Performance Reviews

The scope and usefulness of paper performance reviews are rather constrained, and they can be a bother. Performance data is continuously gathered while utilizing an HR system to manage performance. Managers don't need to wade through paperwork to access this information; they can even complete assessment forms within the system.

Employee Training

Every person must update their skill sets in light of the changes in technology and business procedures. In addition to assisting in managing employees' training needs and keeping track of the significant costs associated with training and development, HRMS also helps identify this skills gap.

Employee Benefits Administration

Open enrollment periods for benefits can be complicated and busy. Investing in an HR system that includes benefits administration can reduce confusion and wasted time. This function guides staff members through enrollment, streamlining the process and clarifying any potentially confusing elements of the policies. Employees can frequently modify their benefits quite easily when their lives change, thanks to aspects of benefits administration.

Time Tracking and Leave Entitlement

The ATS, or applicant tracking system, is taking the place of the thick folders in closets where dozens of resumes are kept. It automates the process of looking for applicants, enables you to assess the efficiency of different recruitment channels, and lets you choose which of them is sufficient and where it would be wiser to put more effort and resources.

Features of Frappe HR

Pick and select the functionality you need with today's HR systems

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Why Do You Prefer Frappe HR?

A complete redesign of your current HR systems may be a wise course of action if your operations are carried out manually via a mix of manual and electronic systems.

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100% open source

Every action we take is in the open. There will never be a fight for solutions with the freedom that Open Source software offers, supported by a community that will help you.

Clutter-free experience

Frappe HR offers a pleasant experience by making processes less intimidating with a straightforward user interface, robust navigation, and simple communication tracking.

We believe in the freedom of choice

Frappe HR allows for configuration and customization at your discretion and is built on the adaptable Frappe Framework. Create reports, forms, customized fields, and print formats, and instantly alter layouts!

The perfect brew of me and you

We go above and above to deliver the product you require with frequent updates, constant support, and a user-first philosophy.

Affordable and Inclusive

Frappe HR is designed with the needs of the company, team, and employees. Deliver the optimum HR and employee experience at a reasonable price.

Easy to use, easier to manage

Take control of your processes by automating tedious procedures. Frappe HR makes it simple to set up payroll, structure assignments, and handle complex workflows.

Why Do You Prefer Frappe HR?

A complete redesign of your current HR systems may be a wise course of action if your operations are carried out manually via a mix of manual and electronic systems.

Top 6 Benefits Of Using Frappe HR

Pick and select the functionality you need with today's HR systems

  • Efficiency and productivity

According to a Sierra-Cedar study, about 80% of businesses use HR software to speed up information gathering or improve operational efficiency. Without a doubt, businesses with advanced HRMS systems enjoy considerable increases in talent retention, freeing up HR professionals for projects that provide value and reducing audit findings.

  • Provides Actionable Insights

Making informed decisions with the help of analytics and reporting is a smart way to use business data. Your organization might be able to enhance HR operations by evaluating labor statistics from prior years and months, turnover data, and hiring data. In addition to saving money and increasing productivity, this will improve your company's appeal as a workplace.

  • Reduced errors

Automating payroll is highly valuable for small firms because human data entry causes the majority of payroll problems. Errors in tax withholding expose the company to IRS fines in addition to the time needed to fix them.

  • Improves Security of Sensitive Information

Data breaches can cost a firm money in many different ways. Customers and staff members could become hesitant to work for the firm if they lose confidence in the organization's ability to protect their information. Businesses will also need to fix any problems that breaches bring about and put new security measures in place to prevent violations in the future.

  • Attendance monitoring

Organizations lose time and money as a result of timecard fraud. The spectrum of fraud can include billing for hours that weren't worked, taking excessively extended lunch breaks, "buddy punching," where a friend logs in for an employee who is running late, and more. Some of these problems are resolved by time clock systems that require employees to swipe their employee IDs to check-in.

  • Creates More Stringent Hiring Practices

A company might drastically benefit from hiring the proper people. Strict recruiting procedures might weed out individuals who won't add value to the company's bottom line. Background checks, resume processing, and screening are all ATS functions that can be utilized to increase hiring standards.

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From The Frappe HR Team At Kanak Infosystems

A new set of tools, strategies, and corporate cultures should be made available through the digitization of HR and recruiting. This will result in less time and money being spent on repetitive chores and more on attracting, inspiring, and developing experts.

  • An HRMS can assist in utilizing technology to automate laborious HR activities, enhance current HR operations, and create an administration that adheres to modern trends.

  • The future growth and success of the business can be significantly impacted by choosing good HR management software and integrating it into your current operations.

Looking for a HR  solution for your management project then Frappe HR could be a good choice. Get in touch with us immediately to start experiencing a more direct and superior experience with our products, services, and expertise.

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