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ERPNext : A Comprehensive & Customizable ERP Solution

ERPNext provides various business modules, including CRM, sales, manufacturing, project management, purchases, and human resource management. It also has industry-specific modules that address the education, healthcare, nonprofit, and agriculture sectors and the primary module that every organization needs.

Built on the MariaDB database system and a server-side framework based on Python, ERPNext is an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program created by Frappe Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Python was used to build the open-source ERP software built on the MariaDB database. The program is made available under GNU GPLv3 licensing. According to your business demands and requirements, ERPNext lets you completely customize the modules. ERPNext can be used to manage every aspect of your business operations as an alternative to other proprietary software. For the demands of small to mid-sized businesses, ERPNext is best suited. ERPNext Implementation & Development aids in improving your organization's efficiency and business processes.

ERPNext Features

  • Operational Transparency

Quickly have access to a systematized operating procedure.

  • Broad Functionalities

Access several modules, including CRM, Sales, and Purchase, among others.

  • Easy to use

The software has an intuitive user interface that improves user productivity.

  • Predictive Inventory Forecast

Analyze trends and forecast inventory for the business cycle.

  • Active Quality Control

Obtain access to the management of quality throughout the entire production process.

  • Traceability

To keep a record of the location of the components, products, and materials, track their whereabouts.

  • Customizable

Since ERPNext is open source, you can customize it to meet your specific business needs.

  • Vendor LockIn

ERPNext software , unlike other proprietary tools, does not require vendor lock-in, allowing you to switch vendors as needed.

  • Inventory Management

Utilize quality management to have a clear insight into the ongoing flow of inventories.

Versatile Modules in ERPNext


Streamline your cash flow, gather all of your financial information in one location, and keep a multi-currency- compatible, well-organized account ledger.

HR and Payroll

Utilize ERPNext to manage all aspects of employee information and procedures, including hiring, payroll, and appraisals, as well as timesheets, KPIs, and pay scales.


With a streamlined production cycle, clearly defined BOMs, and resource and capacity planning, ERPNext may enhance manufacturing processes.

Sales and Purchase

Using an automated invoicing system, omnichannel sales data, centrally managed inventory tracking, and practical marketing tools, you may strengthen your supply chain operations.

Customer Relationship Management

Improve the efficiency of your CRM operations and discover helpful information about your customers' data.


With a fully optimized, mobile-responsive ERP solution that is simple to scale, you can manage your business operations from anywhere in the world.

Leave Management

Store all necessary employee data with ease, including leave policies, leave types, holiday lists, employee attendance data, and many others.

Projects ERP

Organizing, scheduling, planning, and evaluating projects with a task-driven approach will improve team communication and accelerate your work.

Help Desk ERP

Ticket management across different channels, SLA tracking, process automation, reporting, and more can all be improved by ERPNext in one location.

Asset Management ERP

ERPNext makes asset management straightforward, from purchase to disposal, IT infrastructure to equipment. Use the incredible features packaged into a single application to manage assets effectively.

Web Solutions

A system that makes it quick and easy to create, manage, and develop your web presence exactly how you want it.

Accelerate growth with ERPNext implementation

Utilize our ERPNext Implementation Services to gain an advantage over your competitors and spur growth across a variety of industries. For example, Industries it serves - Manufacturing, Education, Agriculture, Distribution, Healthcare, etc.

ERPNext Development Services

Our team has successfully finished numerous ERP software development projects for small to large organizations. Every deployment and development of Enterprise Resource Planning software at Kanak is done using the best software development methodology to guarantee the success of every project we take on.

ERPNext Customization

Since every business has different workflows and business processes, as was already mentioned, ERPNext consists of several modules that can be used on default or out-of-the-box vanilla implementation. As such, we offer you customization services since being Open Source - they can be customized as per the business requirement. Before beginning any software customization in ERPNext, we comprehensively understand the fundamental business processes that occur when an ERP is established for our clients. To help clients whose needs can't be met by customizing existing modules, we can provide new app/module creation services.

ERPNext Integration

Third-party software integration is another area where Odoo software needs to be integrated with other programs. A web-based ERP system enables you to effortlessly integrate all of your third- party apps via accessible API keys or web services. We easily connect your current corporate software with several ERPNext technologies to improve its functionality and performance.

ERPNext AMC & Support

Our team provides assistance, which can be a continuous process. Depending on the need, our support programs are based on quarterly, half-yearly, and annual intervals. To make sure the software runs without a hitch, we undertake and provide you with complete project support. We also make sure that our client's questions are quickly answered. Therefore, our resource operates in multiple time zones to ensure support for various nations.

Reporting and Analytics

To create cutting-edge analytics solutions for acquiring insights into corporate data, our experts are competent at developing ERPNext modules.

ERPNext Consultancy

Our staff also provides consultations as a service. The range of consultation services offered by ERPNext includes the implementation of modules, customization, industry-specific advice, and more. Our consulting staff has extensive knowledge of deploying many ERP systems in manufacturing, trading, and other industries.

How will you Benefit using ERPNext

ERPNext is a consolidated platform for accounting, projects, CRM, HR, and payroll, among other things. It has an intuitive user interface, the capacity to be self-implemented, and is open-source. It is an adaptable platform that can handle various operations, including budgeting, accounting, and financial planning. In addition, it is even more affordable than comparable systems on the market and works great for manufacturing, distribution, and retail systems. Additional advantages are as follows:

  • Users receive a single solution with a wealth of capabilities with ERPNext.
  • Custom programming is unnecessary because of its model-view-controller design and metadata modeling tools.
  • With support for many currencies, reporting, tax computations, and facilities for bank and payment reconciliation, ERPNext is a complete accounting and finance platform.
  • The sales and customer relations module generates reports for quotes, sales, management, and communication with clients.
  • The manufacturing and inventory management features of ERPNext, which let users control stocks, valuations, and inventory warehouses, will be valued by businesses engaged in distribution and logistics management.
  • Linux and web browsers are supported by ERPNext, which may be installed on-premises or in the cloud.

Your Trusted ERPNext Partner: Kanak Infosystems

ERPNext is GNU (General Public License v3) licensed, free, and open-source software. We (Kanak InfoSystems LLP.) are a premier provider of ERPNext solutions (Installation, development, and implementation) with a track record of assisting businesses with internal process improvements using ERPNext products and solutions to cut costs and increase effectiveness.

We offer the customization and deployment of ERPNext. Our team can set up, implement, and configure ERPNext for your company. We've got you covered, no matter how complicated your workflow is. We've put much effort into ERPNext, working on things like Tally integration and adding voice capabilities (using Amazon Alexa). Our open-source ERPNext Platform-based ERP Solutions optimize your company's processes throughout the entire business life cycle, increase visibility, fortify your company, and ultimately increase profitability.

 Frequently Asked Questions

ERPNext is an Enterprise Resource Planning software and it integrates business functions like accounting, inventory, sales, and HR for streamlined operations.

Yes, ERPNext offers a free, open-source version for individuals and small businesses.

Yes, ERPNext is a cloud-based software, allowing remote access via internet.

ERPNext is itself an ERP. ERP refers to Enterprise Resource Planning software. It helps managing and streamlining the operations of an organization.

ERPNext is built using the Python programming language, JavaScript (Frappe Framework), MariaDB, Redis and Web technologies.

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