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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)  Business Solutions

Explore Our ERP Business Solutions for Small to Big Sized Business

Kanak InfoSystems is one of the leading ERP solution provider company; a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who delivers effective business solutions. We are providing ERP solutions to all manufactures , Traders, Hotel Dealers, Transporters, Real Estate Companies, Software Companies and many more big sectors. We are also offering ERP consulting services by our experts of this domain.

It is very difficult to choose which is the best software amongst all available open ERP software ; so before to choose best for your business we need to understand first why every business actually needs an automatic business management solution.

Why Every Business Needs ERP Integration and ERP Technologies Software

In today's world of highly competitive world, to stay at top in the market every business needs a systematic business management solution for smooth business workflow and cost-effective business and better-quality work experience. We know a streamlined business process produce maximum output.

Our ERP software provides you and assure you best control over your business management needs. And the most important "Customer Handling" part is need to handle them with utmost care. To improve the customer relation in a fruitful manner we need to offer a streamlined service and the sales process with proficiency and professionalism on your part and this is understood that it cannot be achieved by any manual or incapable systems.

We believe and let believe us our ERP business management solution and software assure you that with implementation of our ERP software your business and relation with your customer will be one thing you will be proud off.

What can a best ERP solution do for you

The best ERP solutions are the ones that are fully integrated with all your systems across the enterprise, hence delivering value to every functional area right from finance to customer service and management. You can consolidate business data to avoid duplication of effort, Speedily respond to customer demand with effective, fast, and flexible processes, Outperform the competition with improved financial insights and results, Simplify business processes with constant, reliable information & real-time transparency, Transform without interruption by updating & activating specific business functions on demand with our ERP solutions.

What benefits you can get you can increase business revenue, can cut overall business cost, improve efficiency, easy to upgrade, easy to maintain, interactive and user-friendly features, one can easily manage our ERP solution. More over all benefits with the right decision and right tools in hands, you can take your business to the next level with minimum effort.

Industries for which we offer ERP solutions include:




Apparel & Footwear





Electronics and Telecom

Electronics & Telecom

Wellness Spa Salon

Wellness, Spa & Salon

Food Beverages

Food & Beverages


E-Commerce - B2C

B2B Online Order Booking

B2B Online Order Booking