Empower your workflows with Frappe Healthcare for In-patient management, Out-patient management, Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy, Laboratory management, and pharmacy management.

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Introduction About Frappe Healthcare

Frappe Health is an open-source and user-friendly hospital information system (HIS) for all healthcare organizations. Healthcare providers, clinics, and hospitals can take advantage of the features provided by Frappe Healthcare to utilize ERPNext's Healthcare domain fully. It is built using Frappe, a full-stack, meta-data-driven web framework, and seamlessly incorporates ERPNext, the most agile ERP software. Most of the design for Frappe Healthcare is built on HL7 FHIR (Fast Health Interoperability Resources), which aids in effectively managing healthcare operations.

By scheduling Appointments, obtaining Vitals, managing Medication Orders, and maintaining Investigation Orders by recording Patient Encounters, ERPNext healthcare assists you in managing your hospital, clinic, or practice effectively. You can quickly access a patient's medical history at any moment to review the patient's previous illnesses and medical interventions, supporting you in delivering efficient, high-quality care. You can handle various ICD 10 standards for medical codes with ERPNext Healthcare, making it simple to search for medical codes. Additionally, a Laboratory module with prepared templates for typical Lab Tests is included with ERPNext Healthcare. You may obtain a complete understanding of the operations using reports like Appointment Analytics and Lab Test Report.

Frappe Healthcare Features

Includes several contemporary and business-grade software features

Why Frappe Healthcare?

In the upcoming years, the healthcare sector is predicted to grow to an astounding $1 billion. A growing awareness of healthcare's importance is directly responsible for this. The healthcare sector is in good shape because of recent government attempts to bring medical facilities to every corner of the globe.

Benefits Of Frappe Healthcare

Improved Operational Effectiveness

By integrating several standardized operations, Frappe Health raises the operational efficiency of healthcare facilities.

Paperless Workflows

By fully automating the workflows, they become paperless, which increases data availability and lowers the chance of data loss.

Efficient Hospital Visit

Decreases the time patients must wait while receiving necessary care at a hospital.

Increased Productivity

By smoothly automating inter-department procedures, Frappe Health enables higher productivity in healthcare institutions.

Improved Communication

Users can coordinate and communicate amongst many departments in real time because of the intertwined workflows.

Easy to be customized

Since Frappe Health is an open-source program, it is simple to modify it to meet the unique needs of healthcare facilities.

Benefits Of Frappe Healthcare

From The ERPNext Team At Kanak Infosystems

Building the Healthcare module by extending other enterprise capabilities of ERPNext was deemed the best option by the development team. The HMS includes every other enterprise- level operational necessity for managing a healthcare facility. With ERPNext healthcare, you receive access to the other elements of ERPNext, such as financial accounting, multi-company setup, MIS reporting, etc., in contrast to other point solutions with the ERM or any other specialized clinical function. Dashboards include graphs and charts, excel-downloadable reports, a chart of accounts, and support for several languages and regions: emails, conversations, and much more.

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