Introduction About Frappe Books

The desktop accounting program Frappe Books is free and open-source. It is a contemporary, functional option that is ideal for small enterprises. The tools to manage accounts, invoices, customers, and cash flow are available here. You can use this cross-platform software in the same way on Windows, MAC, and Linux because it operates on top of all versions of Windows. It supports practically all currencies and GST, and managing accounts and invoicing with it is very easy.

Frappe Book is a novel accounting program among the many others available. It uses an SQLite database to preserve your data locally, which is advantageous. Additionally, the essential tools are present in the software's user interface (UI), devoid of other unnecessary features. Sales, purchases, suppliers, and bills can all be managed using specific tools. You can easily produce invoices or bill customers by creating a list of them in it and filling in all the necessary information, including images. Furthermore, it offers custom taxing, enabling you to specify a certain taxing choice when billing clients.

Frappe Books Features


One of the best features is how easily it works on any platform. It is also not that big; you only need to download and start utilizing the application. It's a nice thing that the database it uses is kept locally.

Invoice Templates

Invoice templates are elegant, which you can further alter by adding your brand's color and logo.

Printable Invoices

You can immediately print the invoices you generate with this accounting software. You have the option of immediately printing them or simply saving them as PDF files.

Financial Reports

Standard financial reports like a profit and loss statement, trial balance, and balance sheet are included with Frappe Books.

Works Offline

When you produce invoices in Frappe Books, it saves them locally on your computer in a local file.

Detailed Financial Reports

You can get answers to basic questions concerning total expenses, credit, balance sheet, profit & loss, and general ledger in a part of the software devoted to reports.

Detailed Dashboard

You can see a graphic representation of cash inflow and outflow from the dashboard. In addition to this, the software's dashboard displays a lot more information, such as earnings, losses, the highest ranking expenses, and tools for swiftly creating sales & purchase invoice.and purchase invoices.    

Journal Entries

Keep track of ad hoc accounting entries for expenses, openings, and bank transfers.

Create An Inventory Of Items

You can build unique things using the software for both sales and purchases. An item can be created instantly while making an invoice. You can construct every item in advance using a user- friendly interface and all the necessary information, including tax, price & other, units, and other parameters.  


Frappe Books stores its data in a simple file format using the portable SQLite database.


Several modification choices are provided in the software settings that you may find appealing. You can customize the invoices you produce in it by changing the typeface, invoice template, date format, and whether to include your logo.

Privacy By Default

Since Frappe Books is a local app, you are entitled to free data ownership and privacy.

Frappe Books Features

Why Frappe Books?

These days, it's hard to find desktop software that works offline. Especially so for offline accounting software. For this reason, we require Frappe Books.

Local App, Local Database

Simple and Clean User Interface

Insightful Financial Reports

Free and Open Source

Built On Principles

  • Desktop First

Frappe Books operate on your computer.The use of it is not dependent on an internet connection.

  • No Cloud

Frappe Books is independent of the cloud. You will know the situation if a cloud service provider suspends operations.

  • Privacy

On your computer, Frappe Books keeps your info. Your private financial information does not have to be disclosed.

  • Free and Open Source

It's free and open source to use Frappe Books. You are free to see its source code, alter it, and even release for-profit variants of it.

From The ERPNext Team At Kanak Infosystems

We have been providing business software for more than ten years. Incorporating the most significant features of our flagship product ERPNext, we developed a straightforward solution that excels at accounting by learning from our mistakes. We have a potent group of leading software experts who provide our customers with feature-rich, reliable, and cost-effective ERP solutions. The combination of superior technical skill and competitive pricing is something that our staff takes great pride in. Value-added functionality and sophisticated, user-friendly interfaces are highly valued features of our systems.

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