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Odoo integration is crucial when optimizing your workflows or modernizing your current system. We provide Odoo integration services, and Odoo experts ensure the integration is done to any third-party APIs, including eCommerce Platforms, Payment Getaways, Shipping providers, Biometrics devices, or others, without interrupting your current workflows.

Odoo Integration Process

At Kanak Infosystems, we work to deliver results, and we do it with all our expertise. Our expert Odoo team works to meet client expectations with Odoo integration with their existing third-party APIs. We do it following the process. The process helps us deliver quality projects while keeping the trends, market competition, production offerings, and end-user problems in mind.

1. Requirement Gathering

Once we have the project, we begin with research. That includes collaborating with clients, understanding their needs, and exploring business requirements and expectations for Odoo Integration. 

2. Choose the Right Odoo Application

What Odoo application do you want to integrate with, and for what purposes? We explored the need for Odoo integration closely and decided on the Odoo application to integrate with solutions. 

3. Configuration/Customization 

Before integrating the Odoo application with other solutions, we configure Odoo software to meet the specific business requirements. Based on the findings, we process Odoo ERP integration.

Best Odoo Integrations Services

4. GAP Analysis

GAP analysis becomes crucial to understanding the specific system’s requirements and what configuration we need to make in the Odoo system. With research, we ensure the design is optimized correctly to fit with existing APIs. 

5. Estimation

We estimate how much it would cost to integrate the Odoo system with other solutions. Whether you want to integrate Odoo ERP with VoIP providers or other third-party applications or systems, we provide you with accurate estimation with no hidden charges. 

6. Integration

Our Odoo experts begin the integration process once we have the approval from the clients with all prerequisites. We do it with all our expertise, ensuring your business remains uninterrupted. Odoo ERP integration is done after a proper understanding of business workflows.

7. Support

We at Kanak Infosystems ensure the best Odoo ERP integration services are delivered. We provide comprehensive support post-integration. That means when we finish integration, our exports closely monitor the development and how your product behaves among actual users. Based on feedback, we take necessary measures and improvements. 

Our Odoo Integration Services

We are experts in Odoo ERP integration and provide Odoo Multi-Platform Integration Services, ensuring the solution seamlessly connects with any third-party API. Let’s explore the range of Odoo integration services we deliver. You can also connect with us if you find any services missing, as we have included only the top ones here, but we offer comprehensive Odoo ERP integration services. 

Payment Gateways

Payment Gateways

Whether you want to integrate Odoo solution with Pay, sagePay, or any other Payment Gateway, we have expertise in configuring and customizing Odoo integration for Payment gateways.

Biometric Device

Biometric Device

Our Odoo ERP experts integrate biometric devices with your existing Odoo ERP system. This open-source ERP integration ensures accurate and consistent attendance with no flaws.

SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway

Our Odoo utility SMS integration services do not help you streamline and automate workflows with SMS gateway integration with the existing Odoo ERP system. We help you integrate these utility functions cost-effectively. 

Ecommerce Integration

ECommerce Integration

Do you want to e-commerce with Odoo? We help you use Odoo with your e-commerce platform. Odoo comes with a suite of apps that cover all your needs, while expertise enables you to make it more streamlined. 

Docparser Integration

Docparser Integration

Do you have many documents to analyze on a day-to-day basis? Integrate Docparser with the Odoo system and analyze the most complex document faster. This complex integration requires expertise to integrate this third-party API with Odoo, and we did it expertly. 

Shipping Integration

Shipping Integration

Odoo integration can help you make your shipping more accurate, faster, and smoother for inventory. Odoo comes with shipping integration options, connecting you with the largest shipping carriers, with many features to automate your shipping tasks.

What Benefits Do You Get with Kanak Infosystems for Odoo Integration Services?

We are the choice of 100 Fortune 500 companies, and our commitment and dedication to work keep us the most favored Odoo ERP development company. We have worked to build relationships and have served over a thousand clients worldwide. Here are some of the top reasons we are the most reliable Odoo integration service providers. Let’s explore:

Quick Response

Quick Response

The maximum time to respond to any query is 24 hours, and 48 hours to solve any question. We have discussed the maximum time; all queries we receive are answered within hours and even resolved promptly, depending on the type of queries. 

Experienced Team

Experienced Team

Every team member holds 5+ years of experience in Odoo development and Odoo integration. They know your business, though we research every business and understand their work process and unique business challenges. Our expertise helps us quickly understand the project scope and solve complex issues without interrupting existing workflows.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

No one can beat us in terms of quality work at a reasonable price. We provide cost-effective services without compromising the quality of work. We have a good track record of delivering best-in-class Odoo ERP integration services to our clients and have 97% retention rates.

One Stop Shop

One-Stop Shop

We have a solution, irrespective of your business problem. Connect with us, let us know your challenges, and we will solve your issue with all our expertise. We have a team of Odoo developers, project managers, and CTOs who work dedicatedly to deliver satisfactory results. Let’s connect with us today and let us help you with all your Odoo integration and other development needs.

Unique Work Approach

Unique Work Approach

With vetted resources and years of experience in Odoo development, we have the best knowledge of every nitty-gritty of Odoo software development and integration. Our own work style helps us create outstanding products and provide faster integration services within the deadline.

Quality Work Guaranteed

Quality Work Guaranteed

We don’t make fake promises; we don’t have hidden work policies either. We do what we say, and we say what we do. We go through your project scope, and if it is within our capabilities, we do it, no matter how. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are veterans of Odoo development and provide Odoo integration with commitment. We have served thousands of clients worldwide and have 97% retention rates. Cost-effectiveness, commitment, delivery on deadline, vetted resources, timely communication, and reliability set us apart and compel our potential clients to partner with us.

We provide every Odoo integration service. You can explore our service section and connect with us if you do not find your preferred integration services mentioned. We do it. 

How much does it cost for Odoo integration services?

It’s a complex estimate unless we know your project scope and the type of integration the Odoo system wants. You need to connect with us, and only after that can we estimate the cost of Odoo integration. 

We are committed to delivering quality work, and we work with dedication. We have a set of operating principles to work with you, not for you. 

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