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Our Odoo ERP Integration services made your business modernize, consolidate, and coordinate operations in your enterprise.

We need to understand the need of ERP integration. An ERP System has primary purpose the primary purpose of an ERP system is to automate the business workflow and make the process easy and less time consuming to increase business efficiency and provide better visibility. And one more primary need of companies to integrate ERP system is they want to meet growing business needs.

“ Kanak Info System's Service to Integrate Odoo ERP with Other Applications: Our approach to integrate Odoo ERP ensures that your entire business applications integrated and developed within the context of the business rather than in isolation! Our aim is to fulfil the business requirements within the level of the enterprise.”

E-Commerce Integration with Odoo

Our Odoo ERP Integration with Magento

Today whatever retail or manufacturing business looking for unified solution for their ecommerce business to manage their business offline process and E-Store. Here we have the ability of an E-Commerce ERP integration solution.

Odoo Integration with Magento has produced excellent results when implemented for retailers or manufacturers, it gives the flexibility provides to tune the system for a customized workflow.

Some of the main features to choose Odoo for your E-Shop

Synchronization Data like Customers details, products, stocks, sales, orders, etc

It Automates all workflow like logistics and financial workflows related to order processing

Easy to manage Import and Export of product and product categories

Easy to import carrier and tracking references of order to Magento

Easy to manage import and export of multiple images of products between Magento and Odoo

Real time tracking of import status of shipping and invoice address

Real time tracking of order status update/export to Magento

Real time tracking of all sale orders imported from Magento

Real time tracking of inventory sync

Also, manual import/export facility available