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We are your leading Odoo development service provider, developing industry-specific Odoo ERP and CRM solutions that solve your specific business problem. We are a team of expert Odoo engineers with comprehensive business process optimization expertise.

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Our Odoo Development Services

We at Kanak Infosystems deliver quality so it not just caters to the present needs but also the future. We provide a range of Odoo development services that solve your business problems, irrespective of your business niche and industry verticles.

Odoo Migration Services

Want to upgrade, modernize, and transform your legacy applications to a modern and refined Odoo platform? We are experts in application modernization, offering high-quality software migration services. We help you migrate your legacy system without altering existing data and processes.

Odoo SAAS Development

Cloud computing is the new normal now and we at Kanak Infosystems help you set up an Odoo SaaS server as well as provide customization and module development services for SaaS products. We have a team of Odoo developers with 8+ years of experience in SaaS-based Odoo solutions.

Odoo Customization Services

Whether you want to build an Odoo application from scratch or customize the existing applications, we help customize applications to your needs. Get your Odoo solutions customized and tailored to your specific business needs. We also offer 360-degree Odoo customization services for managing and organizing the business.

Odoo Themes Development

Whether you want to develop a theme for eCommerce or other businesses, we help you with low-cost theme development services. We have experience working for various companies around the world and we understand what perfect theme development is for your business.

Odoo Marketplace Pioneers

As marketplace platform needs to be comprehensive and support scaling. Odoo marketplace is the perfect choice for marketplace development. Whereas, we at Kanak Infosystems help you build and set up your marketplace and rich features and functionalities so you allow multiple vendors to sign and showcase products on your website.

Odoo Multi-Platform Integration Services

With open-source ERP in nature, Odoo empowers businesses to integrate various business activities while we help you with multi-platform integration. We understand what third-party software works great with Odoo and build a full suite of applications for your business. Connect with us today for more information.

Odoo POS Development

Do you want to develop a PoS system for your restaurant, bars, shops, or other business? We have a team of expert Odoo engineers with excellent features and functionalities to keep your business profiting and thriving. Manage your business operations efficiently with our Odoo PoS development services.

PWA Development For Odoo eCommerce

Do you want to build PWA (Progressive Web Application) for your Odoo eCommerce website? We help you build OS-independent PWA applications so you run the website across platforms, irrespective of their operating system. It’s cost-effective when you hire Odoo development services at Kanak Infosystems.

Odoo Headless Development

Headless development is the most trending development method while Odoo remains the top choice for it. We have a team of expert Odoo engineers who ensure you get the best application development. With our Odoo headless development, you allow your vendors with an omnichannel experience.

Mobile App Development

We provide quality mobile application development on the top of Odoo to help you cater to the needs of Zen Z and expand your reach beyond boundaries. Our expert developers build Odoo mobile apps with rich features and functionalities that deliver a seamless user experience.

Odoo App UI UX Design

Get the best Odoo UI/UX design powered by expert designers at Kanak Infosystems. Even though Odoo comes with plenty of UI and UX features that support website design and deliver the best user experience. We understand the quality user experience for an eCommerce website is the need of the hour and create outstanding UX for your e-Commerce website.

Why Use Odoo Open ERP and What Makes Odoo Different?

Odoo is an open ERP tool offering friendly services to small, medium, and large businesses. Businesses looking to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, and deliver the best customer experience should choose Odoo Development. But, there are plenty of other reasons that make Odoo different from others.  

Open Source Platform

With an open-source platform, Odoo offers transparency, flexibility, and freedom that allow businesses to access and modify source code when required.

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Robust Architecture

Odoo follows a robust modular architectural pattern that provides a stable foundation, offering reliability, scalability, and ease of customization for various business processes.

Integrated Scalability

Odoo upholds scalability and is designed to scale as your business grows. With quality Odoo development services, the platform ensures efficiency and responsiveness.

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Improve Businesses Performance

When you have quality software in place, the performance of your business improves simultaneously. Odoo ERP solutions simplifies accounting, e-Commerce, POS and other part of your business.

Omni-Channel Reach

With centralized data management, Odoo provides Omni channel reach to businesses and allows consistent and integrated customer experience.

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Low Cost

One of the great reasons that sets Odoo apart from others is it suits every business's needs. Whether it is a small, medium, or large business, Odoo remains cost-efficient.


When built by expert Odoo engineers, Odoo provides easy-to-use interfaces with smooth navigation.


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Updated Technology

Odoo is a mature tech platform and has a large community of developers that make the tool remain updated with the latest technology trends.


Industries We Serve

Whether you are looking for Odoo solutions for e-commerce, retail, food and beverages, or other sectors, we are experts in creating Odoo solutions for various industries. 


We build highly efficient and quality-driven Odoo solutions, such as POS systems, and delivery management including eCommerce payment integration for the Retail sector.


You have a business vision, we help you bring it to life by developing an online store on the top Odoo. Let’s connect today with your project scope and get the best website built.


We have worked with various clients from manufacturing sectors and we are experienced in building Odoo ERP solutions for your business, irrespective of niche.


Whether you want to build a patient management system, appointment scheduling, billing, EMR solutions, or more, Kanak Infosystems has got you covered.


Odoo development solutions for logistics are widespread and we have worked with various clients and delivered high-quality solutions, like warehouse management, RFQs drop-shipping, and stock management.


Get highly efficient eLearning solutions, including student management, course management, class scheduling, and more powered by vetted expertise.


Whether you want to develop high-quality HRMS to manage payroll, invoicing, and others, we help you build robust solutions at the lowest possible price. Connect with us with your project scope now.

Travel & Hospitality

Build ticket booking, inventory management system, or hotel booking, we help you create outstanding applications for the travel and hospitality sector. Connect with us now.

Why Should You Work with Kanak Infosystems?

In the realm of software development, Kanak Infosystems is the leading Odoo development company in the USA and India. We have an excellent track record of delivering high-quality solutions at cost-effective rates. But, there’s more that sets us apart from others. 

Personalized Consulting

With our personalized development consulting, we help our clients optimize business and goals, create strategy, and save overall cost on development. 

Team of Experts

We have a pool of talents vetted through rigorous testing and selection processes. They are expert in Odoo development and know how to deliver customized solutions for your business. 

Easy Customization

We help you build Odoo ERP solutions from scratch with a range of customization support to personalize the system to your business needs. 

Delivery Deadline 

We are a company with a dedicated team of engineers who work on your project. We use robust project management tools and development methodology to deliver projects on time. 

Cost Effective

Modern startups and medium-sized businesses need to be efficient hence we have a range of engagement models with competitive prices. Choose one that suits your project requirements. 

Long-Term Support

We do not leave you alone when we deliver the project. Our technical team closely observes the project once it is deployed on the server and makes changes as per the feedback and response from real users. 

AMC Benefits

We also provide annual maintenance contracts to help your clients manage their Odoo solution uninterruptedly. 


Odoo ERP Development Process at Kanak Infosystems

Our development process is the backbone of Odoo development services, enabling us to develop projects and deliver on time. Here’s how we ensure smooth project management with an efficient process.  


Once we have the project in hand, we plan everything, like how we achieve your business goals. This process involves understanding your business by getting your shoe and exploring and researching the market and competitors.  


We gather data, resources, tools, and teams to ensure the project goes as planned. We have a team of experts who prepare the development keeping the project scope in mind. 


Once we prepare and set everything, we build your project using the sprint methodology. It helps us achieve your Odoo development goals in a timely manner. The development is carried out by a vetted team of engineers under the guidance of the team leader, CTO, and Project manager.  


Although we run parallel testing, once the project is developed, we initiate rigorous testing in the real environment. We have a team of QA who ensure every feature and functionality in the application is running smoothly. 


Once we are sure that the application, such as the Odoo solution is working smoothly as planned, we deploy or deliver the solution with source code. 

Support & Maintenance 

Once we deploy off deliver the applications, our team keep in touch with you and keep supporting you with all tech expertise when needed.

Odoo's Frequently Asked Questions

As you are here, you can simply connect with us using various communication channels. However, the common practice for choosing an Odoo development company is to select the region and list out some of the top-rated software firms providing Odoo ERP services. Now, select the one that stands out on all your parameters.

We are experts in Odoo development with 8+ years of experience. We have worked with various clients with diverse business niches. Here we can be your best bet for quality Odoo solutions.

Odoo offers both free and paid plans, you can choose any that you want or your business needs.

Yes, Odoo is suitable for businesses like eCommerce and Marketplace. However, the quality output is when it is developed and customized by an expert Odoo development agency.  

If you want to develop a cost-effective and highly efficient e-Commerce website or solutions for your business then Odoo should be your choice.  

Yes, we have experts who help you with a range of customization to personalize your solution to your business needs.

It depends on some crucial factors, such as the complexities of Odoo applications, the number of features and functionalities you want to integrate, and development charges. For the final estimation, you need to connect with us with your project and we help you get the actual price. 

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