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Open ERP System refers to an enterprise resource planning software in which the public has access to the source code of the system. You may need a system that suits your needs and then depending on those needs you might need to change your business system to grow so you’ll want to find an ERP system that can expand to meet your new needs. The system has additional modules, or just supports plugins and add-ons.

Opensource ERP provides an integrated view of core business process using any common database. Open ERP systems tracks your all business resources like finance, assets, raw goods, sales, purchase, finished goods and more production capacity and all transaction of all data.

Odoo App/Module Development

Our expert Odoo Developers create highly customized Odoo modules that are flexible and robust. These custom created moules can easily be integrated into your existing business workflow.

Odoo Themes Development

Having a consistent look and feel of Odoo application makes you look professional as well as enhances your employees' productivity. Get your custom Odoo theme designed Today!

Odoo Web Development

Give your business a boost by expanding your organization to the web. We create highly customized and easy-to-use web solution for Odoo that is feature rich and useful according to your requirements.

Odoo Installation

Don’t worry about finding the right kind of server configuration or the correct version of Odoo for your enterprise. Our Odoo team takes care of installing and setting up Odoo on any cloud server or on your local server.

Odoo Development

Open Source ERP- Odoo Development Company

Are you looking for the best ERP solution for your business? Wants to track everyday business process? want to have an ERP which suites your business requirements? OR are you afraid that the investment in Solution “ODOO” and forget about all complex hassles of business management.

Odoo development - is fastest growing Open Source business solution in the world. It allows you to make better decisions through its flexible and fully customizable solution. Odoo integrates your different business functions into a single system, automating information sharing between business units such as sales, purchase, stock etc. We Kanak infosystems using Odoo surve any customer need for any business solutions. We provide complete implementation, customization, development, data migration, training and support.

Why Odoo Open ERP And What makes Odoo Different?

Unified Business Systems

CRM, Sales, Purchasing, Project Management, Warehousing, Operations, Accounting and Human Resources all share data and work together via a modular approach. One set of data supports them all. There is only one The Answer – The correct one!


Implement just what you need, adding new modules without taking the system down. Users who are productive with one module will easily pick up the next one.

Ease of Use

Designed around a simple, easy to use interface; and workflows that can be learned quickly; users are productive quickly and have access to the information they need, when they need it.

Our Proficiency in Odoo

"Can Be Retrace the Business Prosperousness with ODOO"

odoo customization

Odoo Customization

Our team of Odoo experts ensures that Odoo Works the way you want! Sclable, easy to adapt and ready for immediate use!

odoo implementation

Odoo Implementation

We help you in to run you Odoo ERP properly after customization it as per your business needs! An efficient, easy deployment and configuration, without any data leakage

odoo integration

Odoo Integration

If you want to levrage Odoo benefits in your e-store, we are here to help you. We will help you in all Sales order integration, Inventory Management and POS Integration with Accounting

odoo support and maintenance

Odoo Support and Maintenance

We will provide 24*7 highly professional technical support. We will provide dedicated team, professional support and immediate response

Odoo FAQs

1. How is Odoo different from Other ERP solutions?

Odoo is an Open source ERP software that is based on Python language. Due to Odoo being open source, any company can play around with it and customize it as much as possible. 

Odoo is modular and hence any company can use the modules that they require and doesn’t need to implement everything at once. Odoo is easier to customize and implement as compared to other commonly used ERPs such as SAP. 

Odoo is free to use and its implementation or customization from a third-party vendor is still very cost-effective. This made Odoo a favorite amongst SMEs and it gained popularity fairly quickly. 

2. When should one opt for Odoo Implementation?

If you are a growing business who wants to automate and manage their business processes, it is the right time to opt for Odoo Implementation across your enterprise. If you are a company scouting for ERP solutions then you should opt for Open-source Odoo ERP implementation right now!

3. How does Odoo ERP benefit my company?

Odoo is no doubt the most-loved Open ERP in the market. Integrating Odoo with your system adds more power and flexibility to your organization. It not only expands your business processes, it also automates most of your business.

Not only do you get added features and functionalities in your company, you get to create a customized ERP for YOUR needs. After using Odoo ERP, you will be able to easily scale your business to new heights without compromising the speed and quality of your organization.

4. Why work with us for Odoo Development?

We at Kanak Infosystems understand how crucial it is to have an ERP solution that is easy to integrate, increases employee productivity, and doesn’t hinder the growth of a company. This is why we ensure that you get the best quality services in the fastest amount of time.

We have a highly experienced team that is filled with diligent professional working round the clock for you.  Our team is always up to date with the latest coding standards as well as the latest technology trends in the market which allows us to serve you in the best possible manner.

5. What makes Kanak Infosystems LLP better than other Odoo service providers?

With Kanak Infosystems LLP, you are ensured that you get the best Odoo Developers working day and night on your projects. We have a working domain experience of 10+ years which includes Odoo Development, Implementation, Customization and Consultation among other things.

We always hire Odoo Developers who are domain experts and have in-depth understanding of the Odoo framework. For us, customer satisfaction is the greatest reward and that is why we never compromise on the quality of our services.

6. What industries does Kanak Infosystems Cater to?

Every business has some processes that are common across the board. We do not restrict ourselves to a specific industry for our Odoo Development services. Being industry independent allows us to cater to a wide range of business verticals and gain expertise over the Odoo platform.

7. What are the benefits of Outsourcing Odoo Development to us?

By outsourcing your Odoo Development needs to us, you get a multitude of benefits. Some of them are:

  • You have access to highly skilled Odoo developers

  • A highly productive development team

  • Saving the cost of hiring and managing a development team

  • Your project gets priority and is completed on time

  • Beating the competition and always staying on top