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Customization is crucial in Odoo application development and we deliver the best Odoo Customization services, irrespective of your needs and business challenges.

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Odoo Customization Process

We are a top rated Odoo Customization company, that offers best-in-class services on the top Odoo platform. With a highly experienced and skilled team, infrastructure, and PMS, we have a well defined process in place, ensuring every project runs smoothly with timely deliverables. We build your project and customize your application following the process so everything goes as planned and you get your project built in time. Here’s how we set differences with the dedicated Odoo customization process.

The first thing we do is to collaborate with our clients to understand their specific needs, business requirements, and expectations for Odoo customization. This follows the detailed features, functionalities, and resources required to complete the project.  

We assess the project to determine if the customization requirement is viable within the proposed timeline and budget. This process helps us be transparent with clients.  

Once we are done with the prerequisites, we send the project for client approval. They look at the project scope sent by our team, containing every single detail of the project, including cost and timeline. They send their approval to kickstart the project. 

In this process, we first evaluate your existing Odoo capabilities and then define the required customization. We know your needs and identify the areas that require customization. We also initiate market research to understand the trends. 

All our clients ask two questions first during the initial conversation. First, the cost for Odoo customization, and the second for duration, deliverables, and timeline for the project. We give accurate estimations and timelines in this process. 

Once we have this approval in hand, we distribute the project among the team using appropriate development methods, such as agile or suggested by clients. We use sprint methodology so all team members remain on the same table. 

Testing is a continuous process and it runs parallel with development. However, once the complete project is developed, our testing or QA team goes through a comprehensive testing process to ensure the Odoo ERP customization is perfect as needed.

When we have developed and tested the project, we deliver the project to clients with all required support, such as a dedicated team that helps them deploy and integrate the product into the existing system or server. We keep supporting them to the specific period, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

We have delivered the Odoo to you, next what? We help train your team. Yes, you do not need to hire other expert to provide training for how to use Odoo product. We have our experts who provide training post development. Contact us with your project scope for more details.

Our Odoo Customization Services

 We are the leading Odoo customization company, offering a comprehensive range of Odoo customization services. Keeping quality work in mind, we make sure your expectations and your business needs are met, irrespective of customization challenges.


Report Customization

Report Customization

We help you customize the current reports to meet specific business needs. We have a team of Odoo experts who ensure data presentation aligns with client requirements, providing quality data analysis and support in the decision-making process.

Odoo POS Customization

Odoo POS Customization

Whether you want to customize your Odoo POS system or convert your other Point of Sale (POS) system within Odoo, we deliver your needs comprehensively. Connect with our team and let us customize your Odoo POS to your needs.

Odoo Invoice Customization

Odoo Invoice Customization

Let us help you customize your Odoo reports and provide customized Odoo invoice templates. This helps you have unique formats for invoicing that perfectly align with your business branding, compliance, and specific invoicing requirements.

Odoo CRM Customization

Odoo CRM Customization

With our expertise in Odoo’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, we help you adapt unique sales processes, data tracking, and customer interaction workflows. We also provide Odoo CRM development from scratch.

Workflow Customization

Workflow Customization

Optimize your business process, automate daily tasks, and increase work productivity by customizing your Odoo workflow system. We help you with seamless integration and making your system highly efficient.

New Module Development

New Module Development

Do you want to customize or build a new module for existing Odoo CRM software? We are a highly recognized Odoo customization service provider offering new module development and integration services at competitive rates. 

Dashboard and MIS Report Customization

Dashboard & MIS Report Customization

Experience the best of dashboards intuitively designed and customized by the top Odoo engineers at Kanak Infosystems. We help you customize Management Information Systems (MIS) reports in Odoo that provide real-time analytics, insights, and KPIs so you make informed decisions. 

Custom Theme Development

Custom Theme Development

With our Odoo customization services, you can develop a new theme or customize the existing one for your Odoo ERP project. Our team is efficient in customizing system functionalities and making changes in visual design. Connect with us today and discuss how we make things work out.

What benefits do you get with Kanak Infosystems for Odoo Customization Services? 

We are a reliable Odoo customization company with vetted resources that include experienced Odoo engineers, customization experts, and CTOs with more than 12+ years of experience in Odoo development. Working with Odoo Development Company brings you plenty of benefits. 

    Quick Response

Every query from the client’s end is promoted within an hour during working days. Our CRM experts will respond and support you immediately and help you with all technical and non-technical queries.

    Cost Effective

We provide reliable solutions and services at cost-effective rates. None can beat us when quality works at competitive rates.

    Unique Work Approach

We do work using default methods. We have work ethics that include “work with clients, not for them” and we do it with a dedication that satisfies your business needs, not just yours. 

    Experienced Team

We have an experienced Odoo development team that includes a pool of engineers with diverse skill sets.

    One-Stop Shop

We have solutions for all your Odoo needs, irrespective of your business challenges and requirements. 

    Quality Work Guaranteed

With an experienced team and world-class infrastructure, we work in line with clients, assuring quality work at every cost.


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