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Top 7 open-source CRM software

Top 7 Open Source CRM Software

Are you in need of finding the best open-source CRM software for your company?

That’s great. You are just landed at the perfect place where you can read everything basics about open-source CRM software.

Not just the basics but also in this blog post, we are going to list out the top 7 open-source CRM software, which you can try either one or a few to manage your CRM-related works effectively.

What is Open Source CRM?

If you are already well aware about the concept, you can skip all the definitions and general sections and move directly to the best open source software list.

What is Open Source CRM

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. There are software programs to handle all customer relationship management tasks. That software is what is generally called as CRM software.

CRM software is usually available in two different formats. One is open source, and another one is of course, non-open source, otherwise known as proprietary software.

Open source CRM apps usually run on Linux platforms. An open-source CRM with OSI - a compliant license can be seamlessly used for commercial purposes.

Proprietary CRM Solutions

The proprietary software cannot be modified as per users choice. The non-open source softwares is mostly used by the big companies.

What makes the difference between both Open Source and Proprietary CRM is how much control both types offer to the customers.

Open source CRM solutions are best for small and medium sized businesses because you will always want to add features and change the features on regular intervals.

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Features you can Avail in the Open Source CRM Software

Here in this section, we are listing out some solid features you can avail in the open-source CRM software.

Automate all your workflow and make your business life easier than what you imagine

Not all businesses are the same. So, you need custom solutions according to your workflow. Open-source CRM software can be easily customized.

You can offer great customer service to all your customers with the help of customer relationship management software. It will let you easily understand your customer by seeing the sale histories and more.

Employee tracking is one of the major features that help company owners a lot. You can easily track all your employees' activity and performance in a single dashboard.

Your marketing team can integrate calendars with open-source CRM software. So you will never miss upcoming appointment schedules.

Apart from the common features, there are even a hell lot of features you can avail of with your open-source CRM system.

Now, before getting into the list of the best open source CRM software, we just wanted to confirm with you whether you completely understand the basics or not.

We hope you are clear now. If not, feel free to ask any query that you have in the comment section.

List of 7 Best Open Source CRM Software

There is a lot of software to explore. But, we are going to cover just seven customer relationship management software. Because these are the best of all.

Even the seven open-source best software listed has their own pros and cons. Let’s have a look without any further delay.


1. Odoo

Odoo is a real customer-centric platform based on Python programming language that offers a prominent CRM solution to different business models.

The best Point of Sale platform, Odoo has a lot of CRM features to offer to all the customers. Odoo is a great option for retail industries and restaurant businesses as the software with CRM features makes your accounting task simple.

With Odoo, you can seamlessly schedule all your work activities based on your marketing team's ideas. The invoicing app Odoo is the must-have one for companies badly wanting to get more work done in very less time.

Odoo is user-friendly. But still, if you need assistance to use the Odoo platform more efficiently, then you can hire an Odoo developer who can guide you in handling all Odoo-related doubts such as development, installation, theme, integration, and many more related tasks.


You can build stunning eCommerce websites with the Odoo website builder.

You can customize the dashboard of your choice.

Finding professional Odoo partners for implementation and integration work is easy as there are a lot of tutorials online.


Odoo has very limited support servers. So, the platform is lacking in offering customer support services.

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2. ERPNext

The next big thing in the CRM software market, ERPNext, has all the potential to automate all your business workflows in less time.

If you are bothered about using so many different software to manage your workflow, all you need is an ERPNext customer relationship management solution. The software can handle it all at once and saves you a hell lot of time.

The ERPNext offers almost everything you need for your business, including order management, sales, purchase, inventory management, HR & Payroll, manufacturing, CRM, projects, website, and many more.

With the help of the open-source ERPNext CRM solutions, you can close sales faster. The real customer-centric CRM solution ERPNext can get you leads, drive sales and automate the maximum of the tasks that can grow your business in no time.

One of the unique factors of ERPNext is that you can integrate the software with your favorite apps and avail of the app features in your ERPNext dashboard.

The app list includes Paypal, Woocommerce, Shopify, Google, Razorpay, Dropbox and many more.

If you are not sure about how to integrate the ERPNext system on mobile devices or even on your eCommerce stores, then you can look for official ERPnext partners to get the work done at affordable packages.


Supports most of the popular applications.

Watch a 360-degree view of your business in a single dashboard.

There is a forever-free plan.


For additional user seats, you have to pay extra up to 2000 INR.

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3. SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM is one of the most popular yet world’s best CRM solutions available in the form of an application that your company will love using for sure. 

There are 10+ sectors already using the SuiteCRM solutions and gaining so many benefits from the different features offered.

A non-profit organizations, the retail sector, healthcare, transportation, logistics, travel, education, and finance are some of the industries that are currently using SuiteCRM as a part of their business.

A 360-degree view of your customer base is available as a feature in SuiteCRM software by which you can insight all your customer activities which helps you build strong relationships with your customers.


30-day free trial account.

Sales automation modules to increase lead conversion rates.


You cannot integrate SuiteCRM with ERP software.

Krayin CRM

4. Krayin CRM

Krayin CRM is the free CRM open-source system by which you can empower customer relationships and productivity.

On the GitHub platform, the Karyin CRM has so far received 1000+ ratings.  

Product creation is part of the Karyin CRM features by which you can seamlessly manage all the products and services your company offers to the customers.

You can keep track of what products or services perform well and what products are doing worst. With the use of the track, it’s easier for you to focus more on largely selling products.

Krayin is built on the PHP framework, so you do not need to worry about customization as it can be easily done with the help of your developers.


The Krayin open-source CRM is free forever with free updates.

Marketing operations made easier with Krayin CRM.


The community is still small as the CRM is new to the market.


5. Bitrix24

Another best open-source free CRM in the list is handled by Bitrix24 partners itself. Bitrix24 is just amazing in terms of features. The Bitrix24 is best for websites and online stores.

The Bitrix24 is offering a free no, coding website builder along with other website features. So, you can easily build websites and stores of your choice. 

With the website you built using Bitrix24, you can possibly integrate CRM solutions and automate most of your website workflow with the CRM software in a quick time.

Leads, Deals, Sales Automation, and Sales Intelligence are part of Bitrix24 CRM solutions by which you can scale your sales strategies and improve your sales numbers.

If you are already using some other CRM and want to change it to Bitrix24, you can easily migrate your reports and data from other systems to Bitrix24. It’s easy to use.


100+ third-party integrations.

Easily customizable to your choice (Fonts, Texts, Source Code, and more).


Upgrade price is a little higher.


6. Vtiger

Another top-notch open-source CRM software in the list Vtiger, covers so much of features in its customer relationship management software, including marketing campaigns and tracking of leads.

Vtiger offers reporting and analytics features which you can share with other members of your team to scale your business.

According to SourceForge, Vtiger is the number one downloaded open-source CRM, as the software managed to get 5+ million downloads


Easy documentation process.

Forever free pilot edition is available.


Limited number of free integrations.

Zoho CRM

7. Zoho CRM

Zoho is not open source; it’s a cloud-based CRM. Still, Zoho offers pipeline-centric CRM solutions exclusively built for small businesses.

Amazon, Netflix, Hotstar, OLA, and 2,50,000 other businesses are already using Zoho CRM to manage customer relationship tasks effectively.

Storage is one of the finest things that Zoho CRM offers to users at zero cost. There are two different types of storage that you can avail of on Zoho CRM, such as data and file storage.

There are some popular Zoho applications out there, such as Zoho Analytics, Zoho Projects, Zoho Forms, Zoho Desk, and more. With your free Zoho CRM system, you can possibly integrate the above said Zoho apps for different benefits.


Zoho CRM is free forever to use.

Zoho can easily be integrated with third-party apps.


No unlimited leads and contacts.

Final Words

Open-source CRM software is a must-have for all the small and medium businesses out there to automate the business workflow easier and quicker.

But, you cannot fall for all software because they are offering a free version. Only the better CRM solution platforms can offer the best-in-class features.

Just go through the above listed top 7 CRM software, make sure to check out both the advantages and disadvantages of each software, and check the pricing as well. This way, you can easily pick the best platform.

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I would say Odoo as number one open source CRM in the list. There is so much you can do with Odoo CRM solutions such as sales boosting, integrations, run marketing campaigns and many more. Possibly, you can avail partners easily for odoo development services.

Shopify, Woocommerce, Razorpay, Dropbox, Google, Stripe, Paypal and AWS are the applications that ERPNext has a host of built in integrations.

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