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Whatsapp Application In Odoo 17

Whatsapp Application In Odoo 17

WhatsApp is an instant messaging program that lets users share content, make calls, and send messages. With the odoo whatsapp application, a business can link a WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) to an Odoo database. In Odoo, it is already integrated with existing applications such as:-

● Point of sale - send POS receipt

● Live chat & CRM - create leads from conversations

● Sales & e-commerce - send quotations and orders

● Payments - request payment with payment link

● Inventory - send delivery notes and tracking URL

● Accounting - send invoices

● Events - registration confirmation and reminders

To configure a whatsapp business account , administrators need to configure connection between Odoo and Meta , Meta is the parent company of Facebook, and runs the messaging app- WhatsApp.

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Let’s see how to perform WhatsApp configuration in Odoo:

In Odoo, navigate to WhatsApp app  Configuration  WhatsApp Business Accounts. Then click New to configure the WhatsApp business account in Odoo.

In Odoo, a few distinct settings for a token, phone number, and account IDs must be configured. These values are required to generate a Webhook Verify Token and Callback URL, which are subsequently used to configure the webhooks (so that messages may be received back into the database).

How To Perform WhatsApp Configuration in Odoo

How To Perform WhatsApp Configuration in Odoo

Navigate to https://developers.facebook.com ‣ My Apps  WhatsApp  API Configuration, and then copy the following values from the Meta developer console into the corresponding fields in Odoo after adding the fields- test the connection.

To retrieve the App Secret, navigate to the Meta developer console, https://developers.facebook.com/apps and select the app that Odoo is being configured in. Then in the left-side menu, under App settings, select Basic.

To configure the webhooks for WhatsApp in Odoo, navigate to https://developers.facebook.com/apps and select the app that Odoo is being configured in. Next under the WhatsApp menu heading on the left side of the screen, click on the API Setup menu item. Finally go to the section marked. Configure webhooks to receive messages and click on Configure webhooks.

Whatsapp Templates:

Go to whatsapp application > Templates , by clicking on new you may also create it.

A WhatsApp template is created by combining the three tabs at the bottom of each template form: Body, Buttons, and Variables. The Body tab receives the text input, while the Variables tab specifies the dynamic content that is called out in the Body tab. In the body of the message, each dynamic element (such as placeholders) is identified and described in detail on the Variables tab.

How To Perform WhatsApp Configuration in Odoo

You may Add any Users that are allowed to use this template. In the right-side column, a Header type can be configured along with a Header message, as well.

The available Header types are as follows:

● Text

● Image

● Video

● Document

● Location (variables need to be set)

To customise the template's primary message, select the Body tab.

After making all the required edits to the template, select "Submit for approval" from the menu in the upper-left corner. The template's status will shift to Pending as a result of this.

Until Meta makes a determination, the status will stay in Pending. Following that, a confirmation email confirming the template's approval (or rejection) will be sent. After that, the templates from the Odoo database must be synchronised.


The Buttons tab allows buttons to be added to the message. Depending on the type of button, enter the Type (Quick Reply, Call Number, or Visit Website) and then specify the Button Text, Call Number, or Website URL (including Url Type).


When utilizing a whatsapp template, dynamic variables use certain fields from the Odoo database to generate unique data in the WhatsApp message. By referring fields from a model, dynamic variables are encoded to display fields from the database.

As the whatsapp application is totally integrated with existing applications you would be able to see whatsapp buttons in each form of the applications and send the related payment link or invoice to the customer.

This is how the preview looks like of the messages we sent to the customer through whatsapp.

How To Perform WhatsApp Configuration in Odoo

How To Perform WhatsApp Configuration in Odoo


To conclude, the integration of WhatsApp in Odoo 17 represents a significant jump towards the communication efficiency. By seamlessly integrating WhatsApp into the Odoo platform, users can enhance both internal team collaboration and external communications. 

This integration symbolizes Odoo's commitment to staying relevant and at par with modern communication trends, providing businesses with a strategic and robust tool to streamline connectivity and responsiveness. 

Overall, the integration of WhatsApp in Odoo 17 contributes to a more interconnected and communicative business environment.

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