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New Features In Odoo 17

Exploring New Features of Odoo 17

In the ever-changing world of Business Management softwares, Odoo has always been amongst the top players. To continue being a leader in the game and to always provide its customer base with the best, Odoo comes up with a new and innovative version every year.

In November 2023, Odoo launched its latest version- Odoo 17. 

In our blog today, we will be exploring all the new features which have been introduced in Odoo 17. Let us explore them now!

Breaking Down Odoo 17: Exploring New Features


1. AI generated content on website

Users can simply select the text and rephrase it with the help of AI in the website application and related AI generated suggestions will be popped up and can select one of that and place it.

AI generated content on website

2. Animation “on hover” in images

In the pictures, one can select a new animation type as “oh hover” with various effects such as zoom in , zoom out, overlay, dolly zoom, outline, mirror blur.

Animation “on hover” in images

3. Page template in website:

While creating a new page, one can select various page templates now and personalize it.

Page template in website

4. Header/Footer design in website

In the header one can personalize some elements as well such as text elements, search bar , sign in button, social links, logo, shopping cart and empty  wishlist.

Header/Footer design in website

5. Elements from the backend can be published on the website

Users can publish backend elements on the website such as meeting room by clicking studio toggle button.

Elements from the backend can be published on the website

E-commerce :

6. Filter by product tags on e-commerce

On the e-commerce website , now users can filter the product by product tags to search it.

Filter by product tags on e-commerce

7. New customer portal

The whole view of the customer portal has been changed.

New customer portal

8. Address detection and management

Customers’ billing addresses can be detected and easily managed at checkout as a customer user can add and edit the addresses easily and link the shipping and invoicing addresses together.

9. Product description layout

Add descriptions of your product using the Odoo text editor.

10. Images as attribute values

In odoo 17 in the attributes now we can Use images instead of colors for product variants.

11. Checkout redesign

Improved the checkout design and flow , new cart animation , better on mobile view as well for improved user experience.

12. B2B and B2C websites

In odoo 17 user can configure b2b and b2c websites independently, we can display product prices either it would be tax inc or tax exc website dependently.

13. Multi-checkbox attribute

In odoo 17 now users can select more than one option for a product with the multi-checkbox attribute feature.

14. Remove search bar from shop page/website

In odoo 17 now if we want to remove the search bar option we can hide it.

15. Product document

In odoo 7 now we can have new columns named documents in the product form , we can upload the document and even choose the visibility stage when a customer can view it on the website.

Sales & purchase application:

16. Global discounts

In odoo 17 now we can Apply a global discount on a sale order.

17. Quotations mass cancellation

In odoo 17 user can Cancel multiple quotations at once from the list view.

18. Consolidated billing

In the sales now user can select the sale orders and by creating invoice, consolidated billing can be made for the one customer.

19. Pricelist: Chatter

In odoo 17 now we have Added the chatter on pricelists to ease collaboration.

20. Loyalty: Starting date

Now user can Schedule promotions in advance by adding a starting date on loyalty programs.

21. Sales without pricelists

In odoo 17 ,Sales flows can now work without using pricelists.

22. Stat button on customers

In odoo 17 ,Adding a button to access the loyalty cards of a customer from the form view.

23. Improved search bar

In the sales application search bar has been improved ,even you can edit the search type.

Improved search bar

24. Catalog in sales and purchase application

In the sales application , while creating a sale order we can choose a product from the catalog.

Catalog in sales and purchase application

25. Pdf quote builder

Can customize pdf quote builder by uploading the header and footer pages in the general settings.

PDF Quote builder

Point of Sale (POS):

26. Self-ordering at table

In odoo 17 customers can place orders by scanning a QR code at the table and, optionally, pay for their orders online.

27. Scan and pay

Customers can now pay online by scanning a QR code.

28. Table booking: from Appointment to PoS

We can Display booked tables on the floor plan in restaurants or bars.

29. Self-service kiosk

We can Place orders and pay at the self-service kiosk.

30. Credit limits support

Credit limits set on companies or partners now apply to POS as well. When a limit is reached, a warning is displayed on customer-related views and buttons.

31. Menu-combos:

In the POS application , we have menu combos , self service and kiosk mode:

Menu Combos

32. Preparation display

We have preparation display with the stage about order to cook, ready , to complete orders.

Preparation display


33. Stage duration

In the project application , for each task now we can see duration.

Stage duration

34. Automation rules on stages

We can set automation rules,  for example if we want to send a follow up email after completing tasks.

Automation rules on stages

35. Sub tasks on card

We can see progress of sub-tasks on the main task directly from the kanban view.

Sub tasks on card

36.  Down payments for project profitability

Get an accurate assessment of your projects' profitability with the inclusion of down payments.


37. Auto-plan in planning

User can use the auto plan feature so system will plan the shifts with right time with proper resources.

Auto plan in planning

Users can swap the shifts in cases of unavailability of the user by dragging the shifts.

38. Colored matching reconciliation

Colored matching reconciliation


39. Voice message in discuss

Users can record voice messages in the discuss.

Voice message in discuss

40. Raise a hand while calling

Users can share a screen and raise a hand in a call.

Raise a hand while calling

41. Search old messages

User can search old messages from the search it self.

Search old message

42. Notification preferences

Configure your notification preferences for each channel and conversation.

43. GIF button

Send GIFs to your colleagues in Discuss.

44. Comments in knowledge app:

Now, user can log comments.


45. Revision history in knowledge

History of the articles will be stored in the system so we can view it on history.

Revision history in knowledge

46. Export pdf

Users can export pdf of an articles in the knowledge app.

Export PDF

47. Chat GPT to rephrase or generate new content in knowledge

Chat GPT to rephrase or generate new content in knowledge

48. Drag and drop to delete

Drag and drop an article in the trash.


49. BOM updates

Update a bill of materials and apply changes to existing manufacturing orders. Generate new bills of materials from manufacturing orders. 

50. MO overview

In the manufacturing order , there is new button of overview , where we can see overview of raw materials either it will be available , to order/

MO overview

MO overview

51. Shop floor

In the shop floor we can have all the work orders information , we can proceed step by step, record the quantities and done the production.

Shop floor


52. Properties in lots and serial numbers

Users can mention values in lots and serial numbers by adding properties such as country of origin etc.

Properties in lots and serial numbers

53. Print automatically

To print automatically you need to tick the checkboxes in the operations.

Print automatically

54. Hierarchy view

New organisational chart is there, to view hierarchy in the employee application.

55. Lots expiry and quantity mass entry

Updated mass entry of lots/serial numbers on receipts to allow expiration dates and quantities. This allows users to include these additional fields when pasting multiple lots/serial numbers for efficient data input.

56. New removal strategy: least packages

Added the "Least Packages" force removal strategy that avoids reserving quantities in two packs when the demand is available in one larger pack.

57. Shipping-based routing

In odoo v17 users can Specify shipping methods on routes.

58. Replenishment improvements

Filter replenishments by vendor and select a list of products to be replenished to their maximum quantity.

59. Stock aging report

Monitor product quantity and time spent in inventory to assess dead stock using the new stock aging report.

60. Relocate inventory

In odoo 17 users can relocate inventory from one location to another from the inventory reporting > locations itself.


61. Organizational chart view

Organizational chart view

62. Work location

Users can define work location for remote work per day basis.

Work Location

63. Resume generation

Users can generate resume based on skills defined on the employees application.

Resume Generation

64. Newly Hired filter

Filter your newly hired employees from the Kanban view.

65. Certification report

Added a report dedicated to certifications.

66. Graph and pivot views

Graph and pivot views have been added to the app.

67. HR files access link

When archiving employees, send them a link to their private files.

Room Application:

68. Check in through front desk application

When new guests arrive they can check in through a new front desk application.

Check in through front desk application

69. Room availability

In the meeting room application , users can view the room availability on the kanban view.

Room availability


70. Attendance application

The new kanban view of the attendance application.

Attendance application

71. Tracking of overtime

Users can easily track overtime by the list view of the attendance application.

Tracking of overtime

72. Navbar check in

New check in button allows you to record time from any screen.

Navbar check in


73. Mass download of documents in sign application

User can mass download the documents from the sign application.

Mass download of documents in sign application

74. Tag management

Manage tags from the new configuration menu.

75. Signed documents tags

Modify tags on signed documents.

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