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Odoo Runbot: An Open Platform To Test Odoo ERP

Odoo Runbot: An Open Platform to Test Odoo ERP

Odoo Runbot functions like a server that hosts introduced versions/parts of Odoo ERP. It is an open stage, and anybody can get to it to run or test the elements of Odoo ERP. Practically every one of the most recent forms of Odoo, just as improvement and testing renditions, are accessible in Odoo Runbot. The branches of Odoo Runbot include 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, SaaS, and expert are accessible for testing.

Assume a client or an engineer is dealing with some issue in Odoo. He/she can look at something similar in Odoo Runbot in case the issue is available in the Runbot climate.

Additionally, then it is presumably a bug. In any case, it is a setup mistake in his neighbourhood duplicate. Odoo accomplices use Runbot for testing the branches they pushed on GitHub.

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✅ What Does Odoo Runbot do?

The Odoo Runbot is, in fact, an undeniable server facilitating for Odoo runbot installation that is introduced according to the different versions and ventures of Odoo.

It is effectively accessible at runbot.odoo.com and is a continually forward-thinking server that is utilized to run Odoo for its testing just as the entirety of its demo purposes.

Additionally, a few of the most recent forms from the current Odoo branches, alongside all the improvements from the testing branches, are promptly accessible. You can likewise sign in with either the administrator or/administrator status.

There are, by and large, two exceptionally noticeable data sets accessible for 'all' (for example, each module that is introduced with demo information) and for the 'base' (for example, for no modules introduced).

At the point when the landing page of the runbot is motioning in green (thumb-up) alongside red (thumb-down), then, at that point, the featured squares will quite often demonstrate specific form works (green) or don't work (red).

In any case, assuming you are dealing with an issue with your Odoo installation, you can feel free to check in the event that a similar issue will, in general, happen on the runbot also.

This could either be something other than an issue with the Odoo establishment, however with the Odoo setup.

Likewise, you can likewise utilize the Odoo Runbot to really see what is distinctive about the fresher form when contrasted with what you have recently introduced.

You likewise need to remember that this is a multi-client climate and assume you see any proof of others utilizing the framework simultaneously. You should quit utilizing it.

Considering the Odoo Partners, the noticeable runbot is a stage that records the Odoo runbot logs. It is additionally where you can feel free to test the branches that are pushed on GitHub.

✅ How can you access Odoo Runbot?

Access the Runbot from, (runbot.odoo.com).

On the home page of Odoo Runbot, you can see green and red featured squares. These squares demonstrate whether a 'form' works (green) or not (red).

odoo runbot

To open the most recent form adaptation, click on the quick forward button on the furthest left side. To open the necessary Odoo assemble variant, snap on the blue button in the columns.

There are, for the most part, two information bases accessible in Odoo Runbot; 'all' and 'base'. In the 'all' information base, each module will be introduced, and it will contain demo information.

In the 'base' information base, no modules will be introduced. With Odoo configuration, you can modify its appearance and the way it functions and make the most of its analysis tools to execute your vision.

You can likewise utilize Odoo Runbot to really look at the elements of the most recent form. It is a multi-client climate, an at once, all over the planet may get to the framework.

With the goal that you might see proof of others utilizing the framework simultaneously, you are utilizing it.

To see the nitty-gritty log record demonstrating the Build mistakes; click the stuff symbol present in any of the bombed branches (RED square, Thumb down).

Odoo runbot

Odoo database runbot gives two certifications to login to DB; clients can pick both.

User Admin:

  • Email: admin
  • Password: admin

User Demo:

  • Email: demo
  • Password: demo

📌 Key Features of Odoo Runbot

Here, you can come across the inventively orchestrated main features of Odoo Runbot. These features enable it to add value to your business and take it to the next level of success.

  1. Blue button - To enter the "all" runbot database.
  2. Green button - To enter the "base" database.
  3. Key logs (shown on build page) - For key logs, warnings, and errors.
  4. Detailed logs (.txt files)
  • Full base logs - It shows full logs of the entire installation process in the "base" database
  • Full all logs - It shows full logs of all the existing installation processes in the "whole" database
  • Full run logs - You can check it essentially for both databases that proceed after running. For instance, when the blue and green buttons are primarily available.

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Watch Video for a Comprehensive Overview of Odoo Runbot

Odoo Runobt is a server that hosts installed editions or branches of Odoo ERP. It is a constantly updating server running Odoo for testing and demonstrations. It is an open platform that anyone can use and access to run the features of Odoo ERP.

It delivers the platform required to build Odoo Enterprise. With this, you can switch versions at any time. It offers a desktop and web browser user interface. It comes with invoice and payroll management as well. You can grab all sales capabilities, including CRM, Sales, and Point of Sale (POS).

When it comes to choosing between Odoo and SAP, you should first consider your company size. If you are a small or mid-sized setup, you can definitely go with Odoo. SAP is generally recommended for large enterprises. However, even large companies have deployed Odoo and come across fruit-bearing business outcomes.

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