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ERPNext for Healthcare Industries

ERPNext for Healthcare Industries

Healthcare industries refer to the companies or businesses that provide medical services, manufacture medical devices, and equipment or drugs, provide medical insurance or in some ways facilitate the medical provisions to the patients or clients.

Such businesses play a very distinctive role in the diagnosis, treatment, nursing, and management of illnesses, acute diseases, or injuries. 

The healthcare industry is considered to be one of the largest industries, and that is one of the major reasons that the healthcare management systems in such industries need to be updated with time and work with world-class efficiency since it directly links with the physical and mental well-being of the customers.

And just like any other booming industry, Healthcare Industries, too, would benefit and will gain growth from using ERPs. The requirements and the implementation in the Healthcare Industry, however, remain the same as any other business.

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All healthcare industries across the globe have mainly two major goals to achieve- to offer high-quality services and accessibility to affordable healthcare, and secondly, to run and layout a profitable business by cutting out on unwanted business expenses.

The foremost requirement for these industries is to manage patient records efficiently and without any errors. And with the introduction of Frappe Healthcare in the management, you would get an efficient database that can store a large amount of quantitative data since it works with the healthcare domain in ERPNext.

frappe healthcare

Frappe Healthcare enables the healthcare domain in ERPNext and has various features that will help healthcare practitioners and hospitals to grasp the benefits of ERP Next. 

The well-integrated system of ERPNext would help in easily providing quick and easy access to patient records and even insights and information on the doctors and employees.

It is built on Frappe, a full-stack, meta-driven, web framework, and completely integrates with ERPNext, the most swift ERP.

Most of the design of Frappe Healthcare is based on HL7 FHIR (Fast Health Interoperability Resources).

Setting up the healthcare domain is quite convenient. Once you set up ERPNext, you can start setting up your domain. To completely set up your Healthcare Module, you should have the “Healthcare Administrator” role enabled.

ERPNext will help you manage your hospitals or clinics in a smooth way since it would allow you to schedule appointments, capture Vitals and manage medication and investigate orders by recording patient records.


ERPNext would also allow you to manage multiple Medical Code Standards like the ICD 10 and easily search for medical codes simplifying the coding process.

This superman of ERPs also comes with a Laboratory Module with predefined templates for recording Common Lab Tests. Reports like Appointment Analytics and Lab Test Reports would help you manage the records in a very detailed manner.

And with the HR Module, would also ease the process of employee management for you. And with the CRM Module, health practitioners would have access to real-time and well-detailed and recorded information on the patients that would help in providing those patients with apt and effective services.

Since an ERP is a one-stop shop solution for businesses, all operations and workflow of running the hospitals, from admitting the patients, allocating the rooms and doctors, to managing the ambulance services, can be done in Frappe Healthcare. 

Frappe Healthcare is open-source software, it can be personalized and customized according to your hospital needs to make sure it works as per your workflow.

And since Hospital Industry’s one major concern is the maintenance of proper hygiene and Frappe Healthcare can help you to ensure the disinfecting operations along with the cleansing works.

Frappe healthcare

Managing the hospital staff members, including the doctors and nurses, is super easy with Frappe Healthcare HR Module.

This would allow the admin staff of the hospital to post job openings as well, on the hospital's official website and various social media platforms.

Once hired, those applicants could be categorized based on their skills, qualifications and experience. And with this, the admin would be able to allocate them to specific departments of the hospital operation. 

The attendance and the time-offs could be managed in ERPNext too. It allows you to manage and approve vacations and time-offs through the database itself.

And the payroll management in ERPNext allows the admin to manage and monitor the salary sanctioning operations completely based on their timesheets, attendance, and time-offs.

Frappe Healthcare would also allow you to manage patients based on the situations, like whether they are there in the ER Room or seeking treatments for a longer duration.

This can be done based on the availability of rooms and beds in various departments of the hospital, considering the condition of the patient. It would also help you in assigning the specific staff to specific departments and rooms based on their skills and the needs of the patients.

It would also allow you to register the wards and the treatments of the patients and later can be used as a checklist.

Many doctors or hospitals charge registration fees while registering the patient. You can enable the registration of these fees in your database by checking “Collect Registration Fees” in healthcare settings and set the registration fee amount.

ERPNext also allows you to create a portal user associated with a patient by simply entering the user email id. An email will be sent to the patient’s email id, to complete the registration.

You can also automatically create a sales invoice by enabling Automate Appointment Invoicing. This would be helpful for you if your organization collects payments while booking an appointment.

The Patient Appointment form will also allow you to select the most appropriate payment method. The invoices will automatically cancel upon the appointment cancellation. 

The Fleet Management in Frappe Healthcare will allow you to manage and monitor the fleet of ambulance vehicles working for your hospital.

Fleet management in frappe healthcare

Just register vehicle information such as maintenance details, insurance coverage, accident history, and various permits available with their service and expiration dates. You would also be able to assign a driver and a nurse to each of these vehicles while on duty.

It would alert you when the deadlines for each of the important documents and permits would approach. Fuel and kilometers covered could also be logged in the database for record and maintenance for each of the vehicles. 

Some of the organizations discharge the patient first in order to make the room available for other patients and then charge them for the services availed.

If that is your situation, too, ERPNext allows you to discharge despite unbilled healthcare services. If this is checked, then while discharging a patient, the system will not validate unbilled services against the patient.

Each of the hospitals or clinics have a pharmacy which, at some given point in time, is not only used by the admitted patients but also the outsiders.

ERPNext would allow you to manage the quotations and orders of purchases of various medicines and equipment from vendors available. Inventory Management would allow you to manage the stock and keep records of all of the products. 

Inventory management for hospital

The accounting operations of the hospital could be managed in the Accounting Module with utmost ease. You can manage tax reports and calculations, fiscal year setups and management, preparation of reports and charts of accounts, and monitor them. 

Functions like payments, liabilities, equity, etc, of the administration, can also be performed in the Accounting Module.

You can charge the patients for medical bills, room charges, and services charges in the Invoicing Function of the module as per the services used by the patient for easy management.

The payment methods could also be set up in the database itself. You can pick or include both the Down Payment method or the Regular Payment Method. 

The payment gateways could be set up in the database according to your hospital’s workflow. They could be based on the various online payment platforms available, bank transfers or direct cash, or all of them.

All-in-all, Frappe Healthcare in the ERPNext domain would bring up all of your Hospital Management, including patient management, healthcare service, and insurance providers, etc., under one roof.

It would also streamline, manage and maintain your data in the most efficient and accessible manner. it would increase the transparency and accountability of your workflow as well. 

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