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CHATBOTS: A Program That Makes You Interact Through Machines

Chatbots, a program that organizes the conversations with human beings through different modes like text, audio or visual modes. It could be also be known by the name of Talbot Bot, Chatterbot, and Smart Bot.

This amazing computer program could chat with the users or readers of the website and could help in solving their queries by interpreting their mind and on the basis of the query. Now-a-day this type of computer program is used by even the small-sized businesses.

Chatbots could be referred to as an artificial spokesperson that would provide you all the necessary suggestion and you just have to command them.

If you want to know more about this computer program then you could follow this article. 

Working Of The Chatbot

The amazing computer program could be divided further into two categories that are as follows

  • User query analysis
  • The response to the query

As a user whenever you would ask any of your queries to the program, it would analyze your intentions and then would give you a prompt reply satisfying your query to the fullest. Some of the responses that you might get after posting your question could be:

  • A content derived from varied websites
  • A predefined text
  • A snippet of the data on the data that the user has provided
  • The end result of the activity that is performed by the program providing the user the solution with a backend link
  • A question which would help the chatbot to analyze the demand of the user.

Types Of Chatbots: 

Before working on such a program that would provide you a satisfactory answer, you should know at what type of chatbot you are working on. It is really important to know about your chatbot as the functioning and the features of different chatbots are different.

There are mainly 3 types of chatbots. If you want to know more about the chatbots then this article is really going to help you with that. The types of the chatbots are as follows:

  • Scripted Chatbots
  • Artificial Chatbots
  • Intelligent Chatbots

Types Of Chatbots Explained

The three different types of chatbots would provide you with a different type of features and hence you should have the knowledge about the chatbot you are working on.

  • Scripted Chatbots:  The scripted chatbot is a type of chatbot that would work only on the path once defined for it. It would not go beyond its path. For this, the user has to select from the number of the options and then like this only the conversation would be continued between the chatbot and the user. 
  • Artificial Chatbots: the artificial chatbot would provide you the flexible inputs and is much easier to and satisfactory if compared to the scripted Chatbots. It has the feature of artificial intelligence and they are more useful if worked on it on a regular basis. As the more, it performs the more it learns.
  • Intelligent Chatbots: if you have read then you must have understood that the above-stated chatbots use the GUI (graphical user interface). Intelligent bots are not different from it. They can be used very easily only if the user uses the GUI system. Since the GUI is a very important feature of the Chabot and the user would only be able to work if he effectively does his part of the job through GUI.

Importance Of Chatbot

Chatbots play a very important role in gaining the trust of many different sized business and users that could make use of the chatbot for satisfying their queries. Some of the most important reasons because of which chatbot are used are as follows:

  • Increasing user engagement to the extent of multiple numbers of times.
  • It is 24*7 available for satisfying the consumer needs
  • It enhances the experience of the user of chatbot.
  • The cost of chatbot is really low and nominal but its functioning is high.

Facts About The Chatbot

There are certainly other reasons because of which chatbot is highly preferred. There are many people in the parts of the world that have shown a positive reaction towards the chatbot. And to your astonishment people are really getting obsessed with the features of chatbot.

Some of the reasons or facts that make chatbot user-friendly are as follows:

a) Starting the conversation with a friendly “Hi”: Chatbots helps the user to feel quite friendly and provides the confidence to the user to put his questions and other related queries to the chatbots. 

b) Accepting the mechanical conversation by people: people are nowadays not reluctant towards having a conversation with the machines. Chatbots have created a market for such advanced technology and user interaction.

c) Help in purchasing things through chatbot: Through chatbots, you can purchase the products from different websites. This program would not only provide you with all necessary information but would also recommend you the best-suited product by replicating towards your intentions and wishes.

d) People who want to know their retailers: Chatbots also help those customers who want to know their retailers for purchase purposes. The chatbots would provide you all the necessary information regarding the retailers.

e) If you want a third person for the recommendations: Chatbots would not only help you in making the purchases for the product but would also help you in selecting the best for yourself. This computer program would provide you all the information regarding the products and its uses.

Examples Of Chatbots:

Chatbots are used by many leading brands like Pizza Hut, Nordstrom and UBER. These brands use chatbots to keep connected with their customers and provide them with all the satisfactory information regarding the business.

Certain Cases Of Using The Chatbots:

Chatbots could be used for the variety of situation and has left its impression on every sized business. It is really difficult to understand the working of the chatbots in different conditions.

So you have to learn more about the conditions in which it could be used properly and effectively. Some of the cases of using the Chatbots are provided below:

  • You can order through a chatbot in case of a restaurant, no matter you are ordering from the comfort of your home or you have ordered on the chatbots for a takeaway.
  • You can promote offers and discounts of a retail store through chatbots.
  • You can give your order to a chat bot instead of giving your orders to the waiters.
  • You can conduct some sort of survey regarding your businesses through chatbots.

These are the very few conditions which could make you utilize the chatbots to its full efficiency. There can be many numbers of options that are not provided in this article but would make you fall for this application due to its amazing features and importance.

Certain Misconception Regarding The Chatbot:

There are many misconceptions regarding the mechanical conversation with the chatbot. These misconceptions could be ignored and neglected by having the proper and sufficient knowledge regarding the chatbot. Some of the popular misconceptions regarding the chatbot are as follows:

- The text could be an option: Many people think that chatbot could only be used via text, but this is not correct as the computer program chatbot could converse with you through other modes like texting, audio conversation, and video conversation.  There are many businesses that are using the other modes of communication very effectively and efficiently including business phone systems, email, etc.

- No, it’s not going to replace you: The chatbot is not going to snatch your position as its main focus is to provide a better and 24/7 experience to the users. The possibility of replacing the employees is still not there, so chill Artificial intelligence is just a feature: artificial intelligence is just a feature in Chatbots. It is not compulsory that chatbots are using this feature; there are many chatbots that work on certain rules which are specially made for businesses. So, AI is just another feature of chatbots.

- The chatbot is not that easy: Some people think that developing a chatbot is much easier than developing an application but this is not true, it is really hard to develop a chatbot as it includes a set of difficult programming and certain rules and regulations which are needed to be fulfilled. So you have to believe that the creation of a chatbot is not a cream to be scooped, it requires efficient working and programming to develop a chatbot.

Chatbots are a highly useful computer program that makes the interaction of a user and machine possible. Through chatbots, you could be able to manage your businesses, promote it and conduct various other activities.

But it should be noted that it is just a computer program which could get viruses or another malfunctioning, so it is important for the organization to be aware of the fact of its malfunctioning and hence should make provisions for that purpose.

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