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Social Media Marketing In Odoo

Social Media Marketing Module In Odoo

Social Media Marketing refers to the use of social media channels like- Twitter, Instagram and Facebook- to market different products and services, engage with new and existing customers and expand your market to new horizons.

The use of Social Media helps businesses to transform their ways of doing business and influencing the customer behavior- from promoting the content that promotes and drives engagement to extracting all kinds of information from your target audience.

Social Media also offers purpose-built data analytics that would allow your marketers to track the progress of their strategies and come up with new ones.

Social Media Marketing is considered to be one of the best marketing tools in today’s business world. The most powerful USP of this tool is that it helps in enhancing the business-customer relationship.

And in today’s blog, I'm gonna tell you how you can use a powerful ERP like Odoo to enhance your Social Media Marketing game.

Social Media Marketing using Odoo ERP

The Social Media Marketing Module in Odoo is believed to be efficient and allows your customers to have active engagement in your marketing campaigns allowing you to enhance the customer experience even more. 

With Social Media Marketing Module of Odoo, you will have access to social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube.

With Odoo Social Media Marketing Module, You will be able to- 

Send posts or schedule them on popular social media channels directly from your dashboard.

Use web pushup notifications to notify your website subscribers about latest loyalty programmes, etc.

Directly live stream from your social media accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to interact with the audience and get insights of your market.

Get into the minute details of your campaigns. The engagement, the revenue generated , leads generated, sales made with the integration of emails, SMS, push notifications and social posts. All of it will be there in your dashboard.

Have a direct contact with your online visitors with the perfectly sorted data gathered by your website.

The link tracking feature of Odoo Social Media Marketing Module allows you to track the entire journey of a link and the revenue it has gathered or not along with the leads.

    1. Install Social Marketing for your database.

    install social media marketing

     2.This is how your Social Media Dashboard looks like.

    social media dashboard

    3. You’ll have to click on the “Add A Stream” button to add a social media channel. Odoo will give you popular channels to choose from.

    add a stream

    4. Now you will have to choose the social media channel that you find most appropriate. Once you link an account to your database, you will be redirected to the feed. 

    Once you publish new feeds to your respective account, a new column will be automatically added. 

    Note- Some Social Media channels ask for authorizations. Example- Twitter.


    5. To publish content on your feed, you will have to click on the “New Post” button.

    new post

    6. You can also create a new post from the “Post” tab on your dashboard.


    7. Once you click on it, the post section page will open as shown.

    post section page

    8. Click on the “Create” button to start posting.

    create button

    9. From here, you can configure the entire post. Select the social media channel you want to post from. You can schedule the post as well from here. You can type out the message you need to impart. This is where you can design the entire post.

    10. You can enable the push notifications from the configuration.

    push notifications

    11. You can interact with the visitors from the “Visitors” tab.


    12. You can also create a campaign from the dashboard itself. Social Marketing> Campaign> Create.

    create campaign

    Once you create a campaign, you can make it live from your dashboard itself with just one click. You can send push notifications from the “push notifications” button or send messages to the audience by clicking the “Send SMS” button. It is that easy!

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