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How to Set Up Company Sales Goals In ERPNext

How to Set Up Company Sales Goals in ERPNext

For every business, setting up sales goals for the company is one of their plans, as it helps to get a brief idea about achievements and financial conditions of the company as to how much they have earned out of the target mentioned.

In ERPNext we can set the Monthly sales goals for the company by going into the company master  Buying and Selling setting section.

Set the Monthly Sales Goals for the Company

As per the transactions held in the month, the updated amount would be shown under the total monthly sales for the orders that we have received the payment. We can also have a graph view on the dashboard as well where we can see the amount we have reached from the defined sales goal.

The system shows report on the monthly basis by default. This is how we can manage the Monthly sales goals specific to a Company.

Manage Monthly Sales Goals for specific Company 

Let’s take a look at one example of the company- “Ammy LTD.” is a leading company and they want to manage a monthly sales for each company’s monthly sales targets.

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Let’s see how we can manage these sales targets in ERPNext:

● To do so - go to company master  buying and selling  and can define the monthly sales targets in amount.

How to Manage Sales Targets In ERPNext

We can also have a graphview for monthly sales targets, where we can analyse the total sales goal we have achieved so far on a monthly basis.

How to Manage Sales Targets In ERPNext

Whenever we invoice a customer we can see that total monthly sales  will be updated on the basis of that and the graph view can also see the amount that we have invoiced.

How to Manage Sales Targets In ERPNext

How to Manage Sales Targets In ERPNext

When we overachieve a monthly sales target , we can have a brief graph overview where we can see the actual goal and if we have over achieved it a minor line will be shown on the actual target we have defined in the company.

How to Manage Sales Targets In ERPNext

To wrap it up, establishing and managing company sales goals in ERPNext is a strategic practice that empowers organizations to establish growth, rectify performance, and align their sales efforts with overarching business objectives.

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Through the intuitive and practical features and functionalities provided by ERPNext, businesses can not only define clear and measurable sales targets but also track and analyze progress in real-time, enabling information driven decision-making.

The sheer flexibility of customizing goals, tracking performance at various levels, and making use of comprehensive reporting tools ensures that companies of all sizes and industries can benefit from this robust and powerful ERP solution. 

As organizations navigate towards the dynamic landscape of sales, setting up sales goals in ERPNext proves to be an important step towards achieving sustained success and staying ahead in today's competitive markets.

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