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6 Reasons to Choose Flutter for Mobile App

6 Reasons to Choose Flutter for Mobile App

There are tons of Mobile App Development frameworks in the market, but none of them are gaining popularity as quickly as Flutter. Flutter is Google’s Open Source UI framework that is designed for helping developers build beautiful applications that are natively compiled for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.

Flutter was launched in 2017 and has been actively improving ever since. In this blog, we will discuss the reasons to choose flutter for mobile app.

The Flutter architecture is based on the popular reactive programming paradigm and hence is becoming a serious competitor not only to React Native but also to Native App Development. 

Flutter is based on the Dart programming language which is developed by Google as a general-purpose language. Flutter provides developers with a lot of widgets that are rendered with its own high-performance rendering engine, providing for a fast and smooth app experience.

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Here are a few Reasons to Choose Flutter for Mobile App Development:-

Hot Reload

The feature that has made developers the most excited for Flutter is the “Hot Reload” feature. Unlike the earlier slow Gradle builds in Android app Development, Flutter provides developers with the ability to see the changes to their UI instantly.

Now, instead of waiting for a few minutes to see the effects of the changes made, the Mobile App Development team can see the app UI changes immediately.

Hot reload enables developers, designers, and testers to work closely together and save up to 40% of development time. Hence, you can experiment with the look and feel of the App UI on the spot without much hassle.

Although most of the code changes can be “hot reloaded”, there are some changes listed on Flutter’s website which can’t be hot reloaded.

Single Codebase

Flutter has successfully overcome the cross-platform limitations by allowing developers to work with a single codebase for both Android and iOS apps.

Instead of maintaining separate projects for the two platforms, you just write the code in Dart and it compiles automatically for Android as well as iOS. 

Flutter is independent of the platform because it has its own widgets and themes. This makes Android App Development as well as iOS app development a one-step process. This also helps developers improve the app’s quality, design, and speed so that they can push apps faster to the end-user.

For your Mobile App Development needs, you no longer require separate individuals working on multiple projects. If you hire mobile app developer from an experienced agency such as Kanak Infosystems, you will need just one expert for development.

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Beautiful Design & Animations

With Flutter, everything is a widget. Widgets like Drawer, Appbar, Snackbar, Scaffold, etc. can be used as UI building blocks for creating various layouts for your app. Flutter comes with a rich set of in-built widgets that offer extensive capabilities for creating customized widgets for the look and feel of your brand.

The widgets follow the Human Design Descriptions and Material Design specifications that allow for a seamless User Interface that feels natural. So, regardless of the screen size on which your app is used, it would have a similar design.

Flutter includes native themes for both operating systems. It has various theme elements such as icons, fonts, color schemes, styles, etc. to provide the user with a native experience. Not only do they look and feel great, but Flutter also has flexible APIs for adding effects, animations, gestures, etc. to its widgets. 

Flutter also comes with an extensive animation library that allows for beautiful user experience. Flutter also introduced a great tool Rive (earlier known as 2 Dimensions Flare) for allowing developers to create interactive animations with a speed of about 60FPS, which makes animations really wonderful.

Easy to Learn Development Language

Apps are created in Flutter using the “Dart” programming language which is an open-source, general-purpose language developed by Google. As Dart is Google’s in-house development language, it is certainly the best choice for creating apps using Flutter. 

Dart uses a reactive framework that allows it to handle both the front-end and back-end on its own. The great thing about using Dart is that it is not only a Mobile App Development language, but it is used to build anything including web, servers and desktop apps too.

Dart is an Object-Oriented Programming that has a syntactical structure similar to C. Therefore if a developer is from a coding background, it is really easy for them to learn Dart and become proficient with it.

Multiple IDE Support

Once a developer starts working with an IDE, a developer would not want to switch to another IDE just for working on another project. Therefore, to make Flutter easily accessible to a huge number of developers, Flutter provides excellent support for a number of IDEs. Flutter is compatible with IDEs such as Android Studio, VS Code, IntelliJ, and many others.

Once you start working with Flutter, you quickly start realizing that you need to switch from Android Studio to your favorite IDE. The most favorite IDE for Flutter after Android Studio is VS Code as it has integrated Git control and Terminal allowing for faster development.

Faster Mobile App Development

We know how important is it to be able to quickly convert ideas to Prototype for testing and then roll out the final product. Flutter is the best available development option if you want to create an MVP and pitch to investors in a really short amount of time.

Since you don’t have to do Android App Development and iOS App Development separately, it means requiring less human resources and less testing to get the job done. Combining less testing with Hot Reload helps you save A LOT of time on development.

Amazing Apps Built Using Flutter Framework.

1.    Google Ads (Utility)

2.    Alibaba (eCommerce)

3.    Reflectly (Lifestyle)

4.    Birch Finance (Finance)

5.    Cryptograph (Finance)

Still in doubt?

If you are still unsure about choosing Flutter for Mobile App Development, get in touch with expert developers at Kanak Infosystems. Once you hire mobile app developer from Kanak Infosystems, you will receive a satisfactory level of quality of service.

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