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Flutter : Revolutionize the Process of Mobile App Development

Flutter : Revolutionize the Process of Mobile App Development

What Is Flutter ?

- Flutter, created by Google, is an open-source mobile application development framework. It allows developers to build high-performance, high-fidelity, and natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop platforms from a single codebase.

- Flutter is written in the Dart programming language, which is another object-oriented language created by google.dart and with C-style syntax that is easy to learn and use. Flutter's use of Dart makes it easy for developers to build complex and sophisticated applications without having to worry about the underlying platform. 

- Flutter could be a great choice if you are looking for a cross- platform mobile applications development to make  your app fast, aesthetic, and well-performed. Also ,if reaching out to a global audience is your aim , flutter is considered to be the best option as it supports internationalization.

How Does Flutter Function?

•     Flutter is a mobile application development framework that allows developers to build high-quality, high-performance, and natively compiler applications for mobile devices, web and desktop platforms using a single codebase.

Flutter works by providing a set of pre-built widgets and tools that developers can use to create beautiful, responsive, and interactive user interfaces.

Flutter’s widgets are designed in such a way that it makes them highly customizable, which further makes it easy for developers to create unique and engaging user experiences.

Flutter also includes tools for profiling and analyzing app performance as well as integrating with popular testing frameworks like XCTest and Espresso.

What benefits Do We Get With Flutter Application Development?

If you’re looking for a fast, beautiful and performant mobile app, then Flutter is the best choice. Also, if reaching out to a global audience is your aim, flutter is an ideal option as it highly supports internationalization.

Flutter is Rapid and Robust: when it comes to software development, time is considered to be money. Flutter’s unique hot reload feature would allow you to make changes to your code and view the results in real-time while working simultaneously, without having to restart your app. This individual feature itself will make the process of coding faster for you.

Flutter is pragmatic: Since it uses the Dart programming language, Flutter applications are compiled way ahead of time which basically means that they run faster and smoother on devices.

Flutter is aesthetic: One of the most distinctive selling points of flutter is its material design widget. These widgets will give your app an aesthetic and modernized look that is sure to be visually appealing to your users.

Flutter is meant for the Globe: As we have stated before, Flutter is international which is a necessity if you wish to reach a global audience. Using Flutter, you can easily create an app that is available in multiple languages.

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The Advantages To Using Flutter

Cross-platform development : Flutter allows developers to build applications that can run on multiple platforms, including ios, Android, web, and desktop. This will help in reducing development time and cost, since developers would not have to build separate applications for each of the platforms.

Hot Reload:  Flutter's Hot Reload feature allows developers to see the results of their changes in real-time. This significantly reduces the time it takes to test and debug applications, and allows developers to make changes quickly and easily.

Attractive UI: Flutter provides its users with a rich set of customizable widgets that allows the developers to build visually appealing and engaging user interfaces. Flutter widget are designed to look and feel native to each platform, providing a consistent and polished user experience across all devices.

Hot Reload Feature In The Flutter Framework   

- The Hot Reload feature of Flutter enables you to quickly look at the results of your code changes without having to completely restart the app. The main benefit of hot reloading is that it helps you to reflect quickly on your code changes.

- Let us take up a scenario, you are working on a new creature and you wish to view how it would reflect on an actual device, you can just make the change in your code and then immediately view the results in the simulator or emulator. This would save you the time because you wouldn’t have to restart the app every time you make a certain change. 

Flutter Widgets 

- Another major benefit of using Flutter is that you would have access to a broad variety of pre-built widgets that you can use for your app. This feature would further save you valuable time and resources that would have been spent in the case of developing custom widgets from the scratch.

Kanak's Suggestions- Popular Widgets For Flutter Developers

There are a host of widgets available to flutter developers. Let us discuss some of the most popular widgets in the Flutter widget library 

Cupertino Action Sheet - The Cupertino Action Sheet is a pre-built widget that would enable you to efficiently create ios-style action sheets. It includes features such as title, message and cancel buttons.

Scaffold - It is a Material Design specific widget that would provide structure for pages by implementing the Drawer, AppBar, and FloatingActionButton.

Floating Action Button - A Material Design specific widget which is used to create a button which ‘floats’ over the other content in the app. This button is usually placed in the bottom right corner of the screen with the help of the Scaffold’s floating Action Button property.

Drawer - The "Drawer" is a widget specific to Material Design.  It is mostly utilized to create a designated space within the app itself where users can navigate to various sections or pages. The Drawer widget is typically placed within the "drawer" property of the Scaffold, a structure that provides the basic layout for an app. 

Wrap Up

To wrap it up, Flutter has come out to be a powerful and versatile framework for cross-app developments.it has a wide range of features, performs exceptionally well and has an ease of work to make it a preferred choice for developers as well as businesses. With the striking hot reload feature, Flutter allows developers to iterate quickly and deliver high-quality user experience.

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What makes Flutter stand out from the rest of the Mobile Development apps is that it does not rely on Web Browser technology similarly, the set of widgets that ship with each device too do not rely on the Web Browser. Flutter uses its very own high-performance rendering engine to draw widgets.

Flutter has mainly two types of widgets- Stateless Widget and Stateful Widget.

The official language that Flutter uses is Dart, a language created by Google. Dart is a client-optimized programming language which focuses on object-oriented concepts, to write code for iOS and Android apps as well as for desktop apps.

Choosing Futter for your app is definitely the right choice for you if:

- You are planning to create an MVP,

- You want to build an app for iOS and Android

- You want to have a simple app not using any system-specific features or latest trends

- You are running a startup

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Andrew - 06 Nov 2023

Flutter is a game-changer! Its seamless cross-platform development and hot reload feature redefine mobile app creation. The vibrant community support and extensive widget catalog make development a breeze. Flutter's innovation sets a new benchmark, simplifying app creation for developers worldwide. A true revolution in mobile development