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React Native Installation Guide: Create a New Project

React Native Installation Guide: Create a New Project

If you wish to build powerful and dynamic mobile applications, for both android and ios platforms, then this blog is a must read! Today we will take you go through the process of installing React Native, creating a new project and running it in both, android and ios. 

React Native is an open-source framework which is developed by Meta Platforms. It allows developers to build robust mobile applications using JavaScript. React Native combines the power and flexibility of React, which is a popular JavaScript Library for building interfaces with the ability to create native mobile components for Android as well as iOS.

This step-by-step guide will help you get your React Native platform up and running in a few minutes weather you are experienced or not. Now let us take you through the guide:-

Before we begin, make sure you have the following prerequisites:

1. Node.js and JDK

For Windows- Use the following command in the command prompt or powershell

Node.js and JDK

2. Android studio

Install Android studio (Android studio provides the necessary tools to run and build  android applications)

 When android studio installation is completed, make sure all the following items are checked

  • Android SDK
  • Android SDK platform / Android SDK platform 33
  • Android virtual device
  • Intel x86 Atom_64 System Image or  Google APIs Intel x86 Atom System Image

 Configure the ANDROID_HOME environment path.

  • Open the windows control panel.
  • Click on user Account.
  • Click User Account again.
  • Click on Change my environment variable.
  • Click on new (to create a new ANDROID_HOME user variable).

3. X-code (for MacOS)

Installation guide for MAC-

1. Open your terminal and paste these following commands

X-code (for MacOS)- Installation guide for MAC


2. Install X-code from your App-store

After installing x-code, install the ios-simulator and all the necessary tools for building or running an ios application.

3. Install the ios simulator in X-code

a.) To install the simulator, open the X-code => settings (or preferences) => select the ‘Platforms’ tab.

b.) Select a simulator with the corresponding version of IOS

 NOTE:- If you have previously installed global ‘react-native-cli’ package, it is recommended to remove it otherwise it may cause unexpected issues:

To uninstall global ‘react-native-cli’ run this command

X-code (for MacOS)- Installation guide for MAC

Create a New Project

Now that you have fulfilled the prerequisites, you can create a new React Native project:

1. Open your terminal or command prompt

2. Run this command:

Create a New Project in React Native

Basic or Useful commands

a. To run the project For android

Create a New Project in React Native

b. To run the project For IOS

Create a New Project in React Native

c. To install node modules

Create a New Project in React Native

With this guide, you are now equipped to create and build robust mobile applications using React Native. 

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