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React-Native Top 40+ Libraries and Their Uses

React-Native Top 40 Libraries and their Uses

A huge chunk of developers use Javascript because of its easy and simplified UI. React Native comes handy for developers to build mobile applications using just Javascript.

In our blog today, we analyze the top 40+ React Native libraries, including- React Navigate, Redux, Axios, etc. 

What is React-Native?

React Native is a cutting-edge framework that allows developers to build natively rendered mobile applications for android and ios. This framework allows you to create an application for various platforms by using the same codebase.

Why is React Native popular?

React-Native could be a great choice for mobile applications. It provides a sleek, smooth, faster performance and a responsive user interface, while significantly reducing the load time.

It is also much cheaper to build apps in React-Native as opposed to building native ones, without having to compromise on quality and functionality. 

In React-Native developers can use Live reload functionality and access of 3rd party plugins.

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Top 40+ Third Party Libraries:-

1. React Navigation

React-Native allows defining the navigation structure using a declarative API, making it easy to understand and maintain navigation logic. It provides navigation solutions for the React Native Apps, including stack, tab, and drawer navigators.


2. Redux

A predictable state container for javascript apps, commonly used for state management in the react Native applications. It is Fully compatible with React-Native. It provides  a centralized store that holds the entire state of the Application, making it easier to manage and update state across different components.


3. React Redux ToolKit

Redux Toolkit is a library that simplifies Redux usage by providing utilities to streamline common Redux patterns and ,reduce boilerplate code. It is fully compatible with React Native like Redux itself. It provides a set of utilities and abstractions that aim to reduce the code and make common Redux patterns easier to implement.


4. Axios

Axios uses the promises to handle asynchronous operations, making it easy to write asynchronous code in a more readable and maintainable way. It allows developers to use async/await syntax to promise chaining for handling response and errors. Axios provides built-in error handling features, allowing developers to easily handle the errors such as network error, timouts, and HTTP status errors.


5. React Native Elements

React-Native elements provides a variety of predesign UI components such as buttons, badges cards, sliders, input field, icons, lists and more These all components are designed to be visually appealing and can be easily customized to match the style and branding of the application.


6. React Native vector icons

React-Native vector icons is a library that provides the set of icon components for react native application. It allows you to use popular icons, like Font awesome Material Icons in React-Native apps.


7. React Native Paper

React Native paper is a UI components library for React Native application, created and maintained by the team at call stack. It provides a set of customizable and cross-platform UI components. Material Design implementation for React Native. And used for an attractive UI.


8. React Native Firebase

It provides Firebase service and helps in React Native Application, including authentication, database, push Notification, Deep Linking, analytics, Real-time messaging. React-Native Firebase allows developers to easily integrate firebase Authentication into their React native Application. It also provides social login also like Google, Facebook, And Twitter, Phone number authentication and more.


9. AsyncStorage

AsyncStorage provides asynchronous methods for storing and retrieving data. This means that data operations do not block the main thread of the application, ensuring a smooth user experience.


10. React Native Image Picker

React Native image picker provides a set of APIs for selecting images from the device’s photo library or capturing images using the device’s camera. This allows users to choose images from their existing photo collections or take new photos directly within the Application.


11. React Native Gesture Handler

React native Gesture handler uses native code to handle touch gestures, resulting in improved performance and responsiveness compared to javaScript-based gesture handling solutions. This is achieved by offloading gesture handling to the native UI thread, Reducing the overhead of javascript bridge communication.


12. React-Native Maps

React Native Maps works seamlessly across both IOS and Android platforms, providing a consistent mapping experience for users on different devices. It provides a simple and convenient way to display interactive maps with various features such as makers, polylines, polygons, overlays and more. It Provides Map components for both platforms that use Google maps or Mapkit.


13. React Native WebView

React native WebView is a component that allows users to integrate web content into their React-Native application. It provides a way to render web pages, HTML content , or even entire web applications within a React-Native application, essentially embedding a web browser view into the app’s user interface.


14. React Native LinearGradient

React- Native LinerGradient is a library that allows developers to easily add linear gradient backgrounds to components in React Native applications. It provides a simple and flexible way to create gradient effects by specifying start and end colors along with options; additions colors and gradient angle.


15. React Native Modal

React- Native Modal is a component that allows developers to present content or view in a modal overlay within a React Native application. It’s a common UI pattern used to display temporary views, dialog, alert, or other content that requires user interaction while temporarily blocking the rest of the application’s UI.


16. React Native Reanimated

React-Native Reanimated is a library for React-Native application that enables high-performance animations and gesture handling by leveraging the power of the native runtime. It’s built on top of the React-Native Animation API and extends its capabilities to provide smooth animation and more responsive interactions.


17. React-Native Video

React - Native Video library for React-Native applications that enables developers to easily incorporate video playback functionality into their mobile applications. It provides a wrapper around the native video player components on IOS and Android, allowing developers to play local or remote videos with various customization options and features.


18. React Native Image Cache

React - Native Images cache library that provides image caching functionality for React Native applications. It allows developers to cache images locally on the device to improve performance, reduce bandwidth images, and provide a smoother user experience when loading images from remote sources.


19. React Native Calendar

React - Native Calendar library used for React-Native applications-provides components and utilities for displaying and interacting with calendars and events. It enables to incorporate calendar views, event scheduling, and date manipulation features into their mobile application.


20. React Native Image Zoomable-View

React-Native Zoomable view provides a component for displaying images with zooming and panning capabilities. It allows users to zoom in and out of images, as well as pan across large images that exceed the screen size.


21. React Native Bluetooth

React- Native Bluetooth enables developers to integrate Bluetooth functionality into the React-Native application. With React -Native Bluetooth, developers can create apps that communicate with the Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as fitness trackers, smartwatches, beacons, ToT devices, and more.


22. React Native Gifted Chat

React-Native Gifted chat is a higher customizable and feature-rich chat UI component for React_native applications. It provides a ready-to-u chat interface that includes essential messaging features such as text Input,  message bubble, avatars, attachments, and more.


23. React Native TabView

React-Native tabView Library enables developers to implement tabbed navigation interfaces, It provides a simple and customizable way to create tab-based navigation patterns, allowing users to switch between different screens or sections of an app by tapping on tabs.


24. React-Native BottomSheet

React-Native BottomSheet library enables developers to create customizable bottom sheet components. A bottom sheet is a UI element that slides up from the bottom of the screen, typically covering only a portion of the screen, to present additional content or options to the user.


25. React Native Image Crop-Picker

React-Native Images Crop Picker that facilitates image selection, cropping, and manipulation functionalities. It allows users to Pick images from the device’s gallery or capture images using the device’s camera, and then crop or resize them before uploading or displaying them in the application.


26. React Native Document Picker

React-Native Document Picker allows users to select the documents and files in their device’s storage, such as PDFs, images, videos, and other file types. It provides a convenient way to access and interact with files stored on the device, enabling users to upload, View, or manipulate documents within the application.

[ All image types

Plain text files

All audio types

PDF documents

Zip files

Csv files

doc files

docx files

ppt files

pptx files

xls files

xlsx files ]


27. React-Native Splash Screen

Useful for customising and managing app splash screens. React- Native screen simplifies the process of adding splash screens to mobile apps. A splash screen is an initial screen that appears when the app is launched, typically displaying the app’s logo or branding while the app initializes and loads its main content.


28. React Native fast Image

React-Native Fast Image is a library for React-Native applications that enhances the performance and speed of images by providing a faster and more efficient image component compared to the standard react native Image component.


29. React Native DateTimePicker

React-Native DateTimePicker provides a customizable date and time picker component. It allows developers to integrate date and time selection functionality into their apps, enabling users to pick dates, times, or both using a native picker interface.


30. React NativeElement-Dropdown

One popular library for dropdown in React Native is ‘React-Native-element-Dropdown This library provides a customizable dropdown component that allows users to select options from a list in dropdown.


31. React Native Google SignIn/SignIn

React-Native Google Sign-In that provides functionality for integrating google sign in authentication into the mobile application. It allows users to sign in to the app using their Google accounts, enabling a seamless and convenient authentication experience.


32. React Native fbsdk-next

React Native fbsdk-next is a package that allows developers to integrate Facebook's SDK(Software Development Kit) into React Native applications. This SDK provides various features for integrating Facebook service into mobile Application, including Facebook Login, sharing content Facebook, analytics, and more.


33. React-Native Apple-Authentication

React-Native Authentication facilitates the integration of Apple’s Sign-In with Apple functionality. This feature allows users to sign in to apps and websites using their Apple ID credentials, providing a convenient and privacy-focused authentication option.


34. React Native Community/Geolocation

React-Native-Community/geolocation provides access to the device’s geolocation information. This library enables developers to retrieve the device’s current location (latitude and longitude coordinates) as well as monitor the device’s location in real-time.


35. React Native inAppBrowser-reborn

React-Native-reborn provides cross-platform in-app browser components. This component allows developers to embed a web browser within their React Native application., enabling users to view web content without leaving the app.


36. React Native Google Map Direction

React-Native Google Map Direction is a library or module for React Native application that facilitates the integration of Google Maps and Directions functionality. It enables developers to incorporate features such as displaying maps, plotting routes, and providing turn-by-turn navigation within their React Native application.


37. React Native Firebase Analytics

React-native Firebase Analytics enables developers to integrate Firebase Analytics into mobile applications. Firebase Analytics is a free app measurement solution provided by Google, which allows developers to gain insight into how users engage with their app, track user behaviour, and analyze app performance.


38. React-Native Lottie

React-Native Lottie enables developers to easily integrate animations created in Adobe AfterEffects using the Lotties framework into react native applications. Lotties animations are vector-based animations exported as JSON files from After Effects, which can be rendered natively on both iOS and Android platforms.


39. React-Native Social Icons

One common approach is to use icon libraries such as React-Native Vector Icons or React Native Elements, which provide a wide range of pre-designed icons, including popular social media icons like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Etc. These libraries allow developers to easily include social media icons in their apps and customize their appearance as needed.


40. React-Native Share

React-Native Share provides a simple interface for sharing content from the app to other apps or services installed on the user’s device. It allows users to share text, URLs, Images and their types of content with friends, contact, or social media platforms.


41. React-Bottom-tab

React-Bottom-Tab is a UI component or library designed to implement a bottom navigation tab bar in React applications. Bottom tab bars are a common UI pattern used in mobile applications. Especially in iOS and Android apps, to provide easy navigation between different sections or screens of the application.


42. React Native Country-Code-Picker

React-Native Country-Code-Picker provides a user interface for selecting countries and their corresponding country codes. It simplifies the process of collecting country information from users by presenting a searchable list of countries along with their country codes.


43. React-Native Animatable

React-Native Animatable simplifies the process of adding animation to UI elements. It provides a set of predefined animation present and easing functions, allowing developers to easily apply animation to components without the need for complex setup manual configuration.


44. React Native i18Next

React-NAtive i18Next allows developers to easily add multi-language support to their apps, enabling them to display content in different languages based on the user's preferences or device setting.


45. React Native Restart

React-Native Restart provides the functionality for restarting the application programmatically. This can be useful in scenarios where the app needs to be restarted after certain changes  or updates have been applied such as configuration changes , language changes, RTL mode,or setting update.


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In our blog, we have aimed to list down the best React Native Libraries. These libraries make your work easier. By utilizing these libraries, you will be able to make your entire react native project more efficient. 

We advise you to try out these libraries with a sample project to see which library suits your needs more. 

Utilizing Kanak Infosystems’s services for React-Native app development provides an additional level of expertise, guaranteeing smooth and seamless integration of these libraries into our projects.

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