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PutAway Rule In ERPNext

PutAway Rule In ERPNext

A putaway rule is the process of storing the item to its particular location. Putaway Rules are applied based on several criteria such as item name, warehouse to store this product, priority and capacity. This can be helpful in large warehouses where products can be stored in various locations.

To Configure the Put-Away Rules 

Go to ERPNext home  Search for Putaway Rules in the Search Bar  Click on Add Putaway Rule.

Configure the Put-Away Rules

While adding putaway rules you need to define product item, company, warehouse, capacity and define priority for the putaway rules. This helps in case we have the same putaway rules for items, in that case, putaway rules works depending  upon priority and capacity.

Configure the Put-Away Rules

Usually putaway rules can be applied on purchase receipt and stock entries such as material receipt and material transfer by clicking on the checkbox “apply the putaway rule”. System will allocate the products based on putaways rules to the defined warehouse in regards of capacity.

Configure the Put-Away Rules

Let’s take a look at an example of Ammy. Her requirement is to procure 100 books from one of the suppliers, and would like to store it in two warehouses as capacity of the warehouse for this item “book” is 50 per warehouse and priority is set to be 1 and 2.

1. We need to create a putaway rule for this product.

Configure the Put-Away Rules

2. Now let’s create a purchase order, and then create a purchase receipt that will apply the putaway rules so the system will auto assign the quantities to related warehouses based on its priority.

Configure the Put-Away Rules


In the warehouse summary report , we can have an overview of the warehouse's capacity that shows the warehouse, item, stock capacity, balance stock quantity and the percentage of how much is the Warehouse occupied. From there as well, we can edit the capacity by clicking on the edit capacity.

Configure the Put-Away Rules

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Type of PutAway Rules Application:

1. Direct Putaway:

A direct putaway rule means the placement of incoming items to its specific location is based on its putaway rules. For the direct placement of items we need to apply put away rules on the purchase receipt itself so on the basis of the mentioned warehouse, capacity, and priority, goods will be stored into its appropriate location.

2. Indirect Putaway:

An indirect putaway rule refers to the placement of incoming items- first, into any temporary storage and then move to their specific location. So in the case of indirect putaway rules we need to apply putaway while proceeding a stock entry (material transfer) for that specific item.

Frequently Asked Question​s

What is the Putaway rule?

-Putaway rules in ERPnext determines the location at which the incoming goods should be stored. These are stored based on some predefined criteria such as item type, storage capacity, or proximity to other items.

What is the putaway process?

-The putaway process involves physically moving the goods from the receiving area to their designated storage location within the warehouse.

Where do we use put away?

Putaway is used in Warehouses and Storage Facilities to ensure efficient and organized storing of incoming goods.

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