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Odoo 15 Expected Features Revealed

Odoo 15 Expected Features (Roadmap)

Odoo is a suite of open-source integrated business modules covering all needs of a company on a single solution. It has a distinctive framework with a healthy as well as specialized foundation. There is no denying the fact that in the fast technological world.

Odoo is a suite of open-source integrated business modules covering all needs of a company on a single solution. It has a distinctive framework with a healthy as well as specialized foundation. There is no denying the fact that in the fast technological world.

Let's have a glance at the forthcoming features of Odoo 15:

From Odoo 14 to Odoo 15:

Most of the business sectors depend on the Odoo 14 version and successfully enhance their business, which was introduced last year in an online mode due to the pandemic.

Keeping in mind the success of Odoo 14, the Next version of Odoo is about to launch with more improvements than Odoo 14.


Odoo 15 is expected to launch on 6th October to 7th October 2021 again on a virtual platform due to the ongoing pandemic.


1. New Improved Import Screen: A new Import Screen has been added in Odoo 15. It has a new menu to handle cash rounding. It helps to enhance the experience of the users and saves time as well.

2. Ability to Edit the Pivot Graph and View Graph Using the Studio: A pivot and graph view is known to be the best feature of Odoo ERP software.

The enhancement of Odoo 15 features allows editing graphs and data views using Odoo studio according to the users' will. Moreover, Users are efficiently comparing different values here.

3. Launch New HTML Editor: HTML Editor is a program for editing HTML, the web page mark up. This new feature can ease the work of innovators and can fascinate further users of Odoo. It will also strengthen productivity.

4. Warehouse > Configuration > Operation Type: This feature is the reservation criteria for the Delivery orders by setting the configuration before the delivery order.

5. Coupons and Promotion Programs: Odoo 15 will have all new coupons and promotions in the point and sale module. Users need to apply saved coupons while showing the code and get the benefit of discount after the proper procedure and checking the validity of the code coupon.

6. Upgrade E-Commerce Product Platform: With this feature's help, users can easily share the details on the platform to finalize the product. 6. Upgrade E-Commerce Product Platform: With this feature's help, users can easily share the details on the platform to finalize the product.

Burndown Chart: This feature is added in the Project section of the project. This burn chart enables us to see the actual chart and help identify the project's delay.

8. Odoo 15 Spreadsheets: It contains an Edit bar, finds and replaces, etc. It also supports real-time collaboration.

9. Odoo 15 grants an option to fetch product images from Google based on the barcode automatically.

10. Odoo 15 will have ES^ and a new debug asset mode.

The highlight of Odoo is that it is user-friendly, quick, reliable, and effective ERP support. One thing is sure that Odoo ERP will be the Number 1 choice for a majority of Business institutions shortly as the users are more likely to wait for the new and updated version of Odoo. It is not wrong to say that the Odoo platform is much more advancing, and the developers are working with challenging work only to provide you with the best Odoo services.

Kanak Infosystems LLP. is one of the leading companies that provide you with the best Odoo service at your doorsteps. Moreover, we have an experienced Odoo developer, the partner that guides you regarding implementation, customization, and extension to the pre-existing platform. For any doubt or queries, contact us at www.kanakinfosystems.com

11. How to change the default header/footer in Odoo PDF reports From UI:

  1. Settings > Technical > User Interface > Views
  2. Search for “external”.
  3. You will see report.external_layout, report.external_layout_header and report.external_layout_footer
  4. Edit these views as appropriate to modify the PDF version of the Quote/Sales orders

12. Changing the number of decimal places for quantities in Odoo from UI. By default, Odoo displays product quantities with three decimal places. In most cases, this is unnecessary. Here is how to change the number of decimal places Odoo will display for quantities:

  1. Login to Odoo as the Administrator (or a user with admin privileges)
  2. From the menu at the top of the screen click Settings
  3. In the menu on the left, under Technical Settings, click Database Structure - Click Decimal Accuracy
  4. Click and change any field there like Product UoS, Discount, Payment terms, etc.
  5. Click Edit
  6. Change the number of digits as required
  7. Click Save

13.  In Odoo 15, there is a new feature added called Consolidation. Using this Feature We can get a Consolidate Report of more than 2 Companies. Till odoo14 it was the drawback of Odoo that you can't get Consolidate Report if you are using Multi-Company Scenario, so using this feature you can get all Company's Consolidate Report even though it has different Currency.

14. In Odoo15, When you click on any field of Form View, then the record will be switch into Editable Mode

15.  Website Builder: Website builders will have the functionality to add custom shapes and designs for images.

Website Builder

16. Odoo 15 refactored the payment API's & some new improvements.

PR: https://github.com/odoo/odoo/pull/56187

Lift the limitations listed above by inverting the generic direct payment flow to first create and process a transaction, then tokenize it if requested.

  1. Remove the payment_flow field on the payment acquirer and let the acquirer choose the appropriate flow according to the use-case.
  2. Filter acquirers are offered to the customer based on the use case.
  3. Add overridable hooks at key steps of the payment flow to allow implementing new providers with minimal effort (both in Python and JavaScript).
  4. Move all module-specific logic and fields to where they belong (e.g. let Subscriptions filter out acquirers based on their support for tokenization, move qr_code in payment_transfer, ...).
  5. Homogenize the inheritance strategy of acquirer modules. - Standardize the implementation logic in other modules' controllers.
  6. Improve the traceability of payments through stored fields and logs.
  7. Remove the public read right on payment. acquirer and enforce the use of access tokens in all modules' flows.
  8. Fix all bugs that were inherent to the old implementation.
  9. Replace the previous testing suite (which was mostly commented-out for years) with a new one that allows testing of both routes and flows with different test configurations (user, transaction context, ...).

17.  Scheduled Actions: Odoo 15 is having a new test feature, 'capture_trigger'. It will allow you to validate if a cron exists & triggers at the right time.

18.  Mail Templates: Odoo v15 will drop the old Jinja mail templates in favor of qweb ones and will add several improvements: - (a) Translation by parts, not by the whole block (b) Visual editor - Template will not break when the user edits by UI

Reference: https://github.com/odoo/odoo/pull/67868#issuecomment-820467701

19. Developers will be able to access all the assets with this new 'Assets' menu.

(path: 'Settings > Technical > Data Structures > Assets') with debug mode.

Assets Menu

20.  Sales Team Now salesperson can be added to multiple sales teams.

Sales team

21.  Mail: Odoo has introduced a new 'mail list' module that will allow you to manage the mail list and also gives access to your customers to unsubscribe in the portal.

PR: https://mergebot.odoo.com/odoo/odoo/pull/71599

22. In Odoo 15 there is product detail page layout and shop page changed.

Product detail page layout

23. Added Favorite Products filter.

Products filter

24.  Convert Product to gift card

Convert product to gift card

25.  New Updated Unit of Measure view

Sales > Configuration > Units of Measure Categories

Units of measurement view
Coupons and promotions

26.  New Inventory Adjustment View

New Inventory adjustment view

27.  A New Inventory adjustment view is added as a new feature. You can track previous product quantities, set new counted quantities, and apply or reset quantity from the tree view.

28.  There are share buttons for the product to share on different Social Media platforms through the website product detail page.

 Website > Shop > Customize > Share Button

Share Button

29.  New HTML Editor

HTML editor

30.  Notes - Added an HTML editor view in the notes, where anyone can adjust the font size, bullets, colors, and many more with ease.


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