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Manage Discount and Loyalty In Odoo 17

Manage Discount and Loyalty In Odoo 17

What are Promotion Programs?

In order to boost sales, companies usually build promotion strategies that encourage the customers to buy more products. Promotional schemes allow the customers to get rewards based on certain conditions maintained by the companies.

In Odoo, we can create promotion programs. 

To do so, all we need to do is enable the feature “Discounts, Loyalty and Gift cards” from the sales > configuration and settings.

Create Promotion Programs in Odoo

After that, to create new discounts & loyalty program, navigate to sales > products > discounts & loyalty.

Create Promotion Programs in Odoo

Let’s explore the feature to create discount & loyalty.

Feature to Create Discount and Loyalty in Odoo

Program Name: we can define the name of the promotion program.

Program Type: we can select the program type from the dropdown, Odoo gives the options to select the program type from the following types:

Coupon, Discount Code, Buy X Get Y FREE, and next order coupons.

Select “promotion” as a program type.

Currency: we can select the currency used for the program.

Pricelist: Multiple price lists can be defined for the promotion program.

Validity: we can define the validity of the promotion program by adding a start date and an end date, if the end date is not mentioned that means the promotion program will not expire.

Limit Usage: if this field is enabled, we can limit the usage of promotion several times during its validity period.

Company: A particular company can be selected.

Available on: we can tick the checkbox of modules on which the program will be available

Website: A particular website can be selected on which the program is available, if it is blank then it will be available on each website.

Point of Sale: shops and restaurants can be selected here if the promotion is applicable.

Rule & Rewards:

Under the rules and rewards, we can define specific conditional rules and rewards.

Rule and Rewards in Odoo

To add a new conditional rule click on “add” and a new window will open up.

Rule and Rewards in Odoo


Minimum quantity: We can define the number of minimum quantities to be purchased to receive the reward for the promotion program.

Minimum purchase: We have the option to set a minimum purchase amount to qualify for the reward, which can be defined either inclusive or exclusive of taxes.

Products: we can select multiple products to which the condition will be applied.

Categories: we can also select specific product categories to which the program applies.

Product Tags: A specific product tag can be defined, meaning products with those tags will be eligible for the promotion program.

Grant: Specific points can be designated based on each order, amount spent, or unit purchased to determine the rewards earned by the customer.



For the rewards too, click on “add”, and the configuration window will be visible.

Rule and Rewards in Odoo

Reward Type: select the reward type from the options of  free product, discount, and free shipping.

● Free Product:  

Quantity Rewarded: A specific number of products quantity rewarded to the customer can be defined.

Product: A specific product as a free product can be selected.

Product Tag: Select a tag to further specify whether the free product is eligible for the reward or not.


Add a percentage to be discounted, either it would be on order, cheapest product, or specific products

Max discount: we can define the maximum amount as a discount to be granted.

Discounted products: we can define specific products that would be eligible for discount.

Discounted product categories: we can also define specific product categories for the discount applicability.

Discounted prod.Tags: Products with specific tags will be allowed for the reward of discounts.

● Free shipping:

Max Discount: An amount can be defined as a limit of maximum discount as a reward can be given.

In exchange: we can define specific points that can be required to exchange for the rewards.

Description in order: we can define the description for the reward that would be visible on the checkout page.

We can access the promos, by clicking on the button “promos”, on the promotion programs:

Rule and Rewards in Odoo

Let's take one example- we are providing 50% off on each product, now let’s see step by step how we can configure it and how the customer can apply the promo code while shopping for it.

● First, we need to enable the feature “Discounts, loyalty, and Gift cards” from the sales > configuration and settings.

● Next is to create a promotion scheme in Odoo by navigating to sales > products > discounts & loyalty.

Rule and Rewards in Odoo

Also, define specific rules and rewards for the promotion program.

Rule and Rewards in Odoo

Here, we defined a rule that if a customer spends a minimum amount of 50 $ then he/she will get a 50% discount on the order by applying our promo code. Now, suppose a customer has purchased a product worth 100 $ for a cable management box and proceeds the order from the website.

While proceeding to the website checkout the customer will get 50% off on order and can pay the order.

Rule and Rewards in Odoo

Wrap Up

Promotion Programs are one of the most powerful marketing tools for companies to boost their sales and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

If you are a company looking to boost your sales by utilizing odoo, you can get in touch with our experts today!


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