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Geo Location Attendance Odoo Module

GeoLocation Attendance Odoo Module

The working efficiency of the employees plays a very vital role in the success of the company. Odoo’s Human Resources apps help in managing the efficiency and working of the staff along with their skills, salary management, and working hours.

Odoo’s HR management software is used by a large number of firms for keeping track of their employees. In today’s world, there is an increasing demand for software which helps in managing everything in one place.

The basic features that are provided by Odoo’s HR management include attendance management, expenses management, salary and contract management, skills management, and holiday management (named as Time-Off) along with other features.

Thus helping in keeping detailed and systematic records for all the employees.

One of the most important parts is managing the attendance of employees. The data that is collected through the attendance management system helps in determining whether the company is going on the right track or not. Employees are considered to be an asset to the company and play one of the most important roles in the success of a company.

So it is very important to keep track of the attendance of the employees to determine which employees are coming on time or are coming late or not coming because it is very important to know how much an employee is contributing to the company.

Odoo provides one of the best solutions for HR Management having modules for Payroll, Attendance, Timesheets, etc.

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We also have the option of allowing the users to check-in only when they are inside the company building so that the employees don’t misuse the online attendance system. This can be done with the help of this great addon by Kanak Infosystems.

GeoLocation Attendance Odoo  module provides the option to set a location-based on which the user is allowed to login. In simple terms, the employees can only log in and check-in the attendance when they are present around the location diameter set for them.

In this blog, we are going to see how we can use this wonderful addon ‘Geo-Location Attendance’ for managing the attendance and setting up location-wise restrictions for employees to check in. Let us see the functioning of this module in detail.

(1) Setting up the Location Range.

Configuration of Geolocation Attendance Odoo App

Navigate to Attendance > Configuration and here we can see the Attendance Range.

We can setup the range under which the user will be allowed to login. If the users are outside this range from the location set, they will not be allowed to check-in.

(2) Setting Up Work Location

After setting the range, now we’ll set the location or the work location. This means that we are going to set a work location for the user from where the user will start working. And he/she will only be allowed to login if they are in the range set in the configuration.

Configuration of Geolocation Attendance Odoo App

Navigate to Employees and open the employee for which you want to set the location. Here, we are going to set the Active Location or Work Location for the employee.

The next step is to set up the Geo-Location in this ‘Active Location’ record.

In simple terms, this ‘Active Location’ is contact and we are going to set the location inside this contact.

Configuration of Geolocation Attendance Odoo App

What we have done here is that set a partner address for this ‘Active Location’ record.

This location will be served as the Work Location for the employee. Thus, we can set different ‘Active Locations’ for different Employees.

We also have another option for setting up Work/Active Location.

In the Active Location contact, navigate to the tab ‘Partner Assignation’.

Configuration of Geolocation Attendance Odoo App

Here we can set the latitude and longitude for the Work Location. So either we can set location based on the address or based on latitude or longitude ( GeoLocation ).

(4) Check-In / Logging In

Now if we try to Check In from a location outside the range of the Work Location or Active Location, Odoo will not allow to login and will show a warning like this:

Configuration of Geolocation Attendance Odoo App

Thus, the employee can only login if he/she is in the range of the location set.

Using this wonderful Odoo addon will surely benefit the progress of your company and help in maintaining a disciplined culture in the Office which will surely help in further progress and success of the company.

We all know that most of the employees will prefer using mobile for signing into the system. This module is fully compatible with the mobile version and allows users to easily check-in using their mobile but only inside the active location range.

If you want any Odoo ERP Customization or changes related to this module, feel free to Contact Us. We’ll provide you with full support and will make changes according to your needs.

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