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Fiscal Position (Tax and Account Mapping) In Odoo 16

Fiscal Position (Tax and Account Mapping) In Odoo 16

In the commerce world, managing taxes and financial accounts is crucial to ensure seamless transactions and compliance with regional and business specific regulations. In Odoo, this process is streamlined through the concept of fiscal positions. 

In this blog, we will take you through the steps of creating, editing and managing fiscal positions in Odoo.

What is a Fiscal Position?

Fiscal Positions in Odoo are fundamental for handling default taxes and accounts associated with products and consumers. While Odoo does have default settings for this, there are times when it is necessary to employ multiple taxes and accounts for a transaction. 

The need for such adjustments usually depends on the geographical location and the nature of the business of both customers and providers.

In this context, the Odoo feature of fiscal positions allows you to tailor your tax and accounting requirements to your unique financial circumstances.

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Steps to Create Fiscal Position in Odoo:

Navigate to the Configuration tab on the Accounting module's dashboard  configuration  Fiscal Positions.

It will then display the Fiscal Positions page as seen below.

Steps to Create Fiscal Position in Odoo

Step by Step guide to Edit and Manage the Fiscal Positions:

Steps to Create Fiscal Position in Odoo 

Step 1- Navigate to Accounting Configuration  Fiscal Positions, open the entry you want to change, or click “New” to create a new fiscal position.

The default taxes and accounts specified in the product form are used to map the taxes and accounts.

Step 2- In the fiscal position editor, focus on the right column where you can define the 'Tax to Apply' and the 'Account to Use Instead.' This mapping enables you to link specific taxes and accounts to a fiscal position, overriding the defaults.

We may define guidelines for what taxes should be linked to other taxes under the Tax Mapping Tab. Therefore, "Tax on Product" refers to the tax that is imposed on the item. 'Tax to apply', on the other hand, refers to the tax that ought to be applied to the product rather than the standard product tax.

Tax Mapping

Under the 'Tax Mapping' tab, you can manage guidelines for how taxes are related to each other. "Tax on Product" refers to the tax imposed on the item itself, while 'Tax to apply' specifies the tax that should be applied to the product instead of the standard product tax.

Account Mapping

Similarly, you can specify which accounts should be mapped to other accounts in the 'Account Mapping' section. For example, you can set up an income account for a product under "Account on Product." In cases where revenue is generated by consumers from different nations, you can use account mapping to record it. Indicate the desired account in the "Accounts to use instead" field.

Fiscal Position Customization

You can also tailor fiscal positions to specific customers. When you create an invoice for a particular customer, the associated fiscal position will come into play, ensuring the correct accounts and taxes are applied.

Tax Exemptions

Fiscal positions also offer the option to exempt certain taxes for specific customers by defining 'Tax to apply' in the tax mapping section.


Steps to Create Fiscal Position in Odoo

To conclude, we can say that fiscal positions in Odoo provide a robust framework for managing taxes and accounts, further accommodating the diverse needs of businesses.

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Whether you're mapping taxes or accounts, Odoo's flexibility allows you to customize financial positions to your unique requirements, ensuring that transactions run smoothly while remaining compliant with regional regulations. Still have doubts... 

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