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Bounce Rate- What It Is And How It Affects The Search Ranking?

Bounce Rate- What It Is and How It Affects The Search Ranking?

What is Bounce Rate?
According to Google "A bounce is a single-page session on your site. In Analytics, a bounce is calculated specifically as a session that triggers only a single request to the Analytics server, such as when a user opens a single page on your site and then exits without triggering any other requests to the Analytics server during that session".

The Bounce Rate is one of the crucial aspects of rank drops. Because Google (Gary Illyes & Matt Cutts from Google) said that "Bounce Rate is not a good Ranking Signal whereas it's a noisy signal", it's not that mean bounce rate is not an important term for Users as well as Search Engines. The Bounce Rate is a very useful attribute of Google Analytics by which one can understand user/visitor's behaviour, interest as well as weak points of website design, content or many more. So, now the question that arises is:

Is a High Bounce Rate a Bad Thing?

If the success of your site relies upon visitors viewing more than one page, at that point, indeed, a high bounce rate is terrible. For instance, if your landing page is the portal of your site (e.g., news articles, item pages, your checkout procedure) and a most of the visitors are viewing just your landing page, at that point you don't need a high bounce rate.

How to Calculate Bounce Rate? (The Bounce Rate Formula)

Calculating bounce rates is not rocket science. One can calculate bounce rate by dividing single-page sessions by all sessions.

Factors that Affect Bounce Rate:

Website Loading Time:- If the Landing page takes a lot of time to load then this leads to a decrease in interest of many users and due to no session it also increases the bounce rate of that website.

Single Page Site:- Suppose if you have a one-page website then where a user can go from that page. So, creating a single-page website is a directly proportional approach to 100 % bounce rate.

Content Quality:- As we know content is what holds the user on a particular website and if your website content is not enough good or sufficient to gain whole information about your product/services then this also leads to a hike in bounce rate.

Internal Linking:-  Creating No or fewer internal links between different web pages reduces the chance to hold a user between the chain of internal pages.

Website Design & Layout:- An old, cheap, heavy website lowers the user interest and turns into a dark dream( A high bounce rate).

Running Ads:- Irrelevant Ads on a webpage can be very irritating and can reduce visitor interest even your webpage has great content.

How to Reduce the Bounce Rate?

·      Power Up your website speed by reducing the loading time( render-blocking, heavy or more javascript files, unminified CSS, leverage caching etc).

·        Create quality content and catchy headlines which should be easy to understand focused & catchy and most importantly it should be well organized.

·        Always create a responsive, multipage website( see our blog Main Key Points to Develop an Effective Website to learn this).

·        Create proper and relevant internal links to developed a chain of interesting content which a user is looking for.

·        Create mobile-friendly websites.

All the above-mentioned suggestions will provide you, a hike in your web search ranking. Have any issue related to any It service then contact us, we will respond to you soon.

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