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Why Need An ERP?

Why Need an ERP?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the process of utilizing company assets (tangible or intangible) to increase the productivity & growth of Business which is basically done using a single piece of software integrating different departments called an ERP.

Enterprise Resource Planning is the widely accepted process by all sized companies.

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Companies invest in ERP for many purposes and a wide range of ERP software are available in the market. Because of this versatility, many of us found puzzled with a variety of questions such as "how ERP help companies to expand their Business?", how it can help the end user, what are the pros & cons of ERP, how to find that u really need an ERP or not? & lots more questions create an illusion for us. 

In this blog we are scattering some light over ERP & its aspects, to find all solutions of the above-mentioned questions and to better understand ERP. Let's have a look of this in below:

How it can help the end User:

1- Manual excels can be thing of the past for a small to large enterprises looking to adapt accordingly

2- Good Dashboard & reporting for the users & management to have a quick overview 

3- Workflow driven approach

4- Collaboration between different departments becomes easy once you start using it

5- Cost Savings with automated task management & Increased productivity

6- Transparency in accountability/responsibility

7- Data security

8- Ease of use & accessibility

How to Decide, if you really need an ERP?

1- All work now done is using the excel sheets...which is too bulky and difficult to manage considering being used by different staff members

2- There is no way different departments can coordinate with each other for the daily work

3- Security of data is a major concern

4- There is no proper tracking system

5- Not able to focus on sales & customer service

6- Lack of mobile access as the trend demands these days

What are the Next Steps :

1- Identify your ERP Needs

2- Write down/Draw the flowchart of your 

3- Hire a Business Analyst

4- Make a list of probable's, Identify the vendors & ask them for the quote based on your key requirements.

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Hope you will find this a helpful blog for you and it will solve all of your confusions related to ERP or Why say yes to ERP?

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