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Trello Project Management

 Configure Trello Project

configure trello project go to Project->Settings and enter the api key and token value by genrating from given link.


Trello Project Management

Trello Project Management tab has been added in user view.(Settings->Users->trello project management)


Update Trello Project

After configuration user it will display a button update trello project this will used for fetch the trello project to odoo


Upload Task In Trello

in project(project->create project) a tab has been added trello project management this tab have two check box

1. upload to trello?:- it will upload project to trello

2. trello project?:- it will automatic select and write theproject id if project is featced from trelloustomer – find out what they want and give it to them.

Upload Stage On Trello And  Project

now start the developer mode and create a stage in that select the check box (upload to trello?) to upload stage on trello and project


Upload Task In Trello

now create a task and select the check box (upload to trello?) to upload task on trello and save it


you can see the project,task and stage in trello.



Update Trello

sameway create a project on trello with task and stages and click on update trello button(Settings->user->update trello.



go to project and you can see the project on projects with task,stage and trello project and project id.


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