Home Blog Study Says – Simple and Clear Web Design Really Works Better
Study Says – Simple and Clear Web Design Really Works Better
Home Blog Study Says – Simple and Clear Web Design Really Works Better

Study Says – Simple and Clear Web Design Really Works Better

If you are looking for your new online store or any business website to sell products or services online. Then you must go for best website designing services. But before to choose the design you must be known about some really effective web designing facts.

Many times, you must be noticed on some websites, you stick around and look for a while; on others, you can’t get away fast enough. In all likelihood, the websites you were drawn to were visually clean, with more white space, less text, big images, and a simple design. 

This is not only our opinion or our own personal preference–a new study by the design analytics company "EyeQuant" shows the impact of clean, clear design on a lower bounce rate, which is the percentage of people who leave a web page without clicking on something.

According to expert’s Cleaner stuff is more appealing because it doesn’t overwhelm you.” One by the software testing company "Soasta" and "Google", they found that load times have a big impact on bounce rates. "EyeQuant’s" study suggests that clean design is another factor in whether people stay or leave a site.

So, Let's have a Simple, Clear, Unique, User-Friendly and Professional Web Design!

Here, we are sharing some Top Web Design Trends to Look Forward:-

Excellent Layout Features - 

One of the most important web design trends to look out for in coming year is the layout features of the web designing process including the web graphic design, user experience design, User Interface, Website Strategy, etc. Clarity in terms of Colour, Images and Grid system, Safe web fonts, Web graphics and usability.

Grid Layout & Card Design - 

This is another definite web design trends to watch out for in coming year. One of the golden rules in any good web design is how crisp and sharp the design is. Take into consideration the important factors like alignment, relevant images, and colouring, manually clean-up of extra line, shape, and boxes, appropriate grids to make the content looks simpler and easy.

The Use of Cinemagraphs - 

 Cinemagraphs are the high-quality videos or GIFs that run on a smooth, continuous loop to provide an all-immersive web design experience and this is another interesting trend of 2017 to watch out for. They have become a pretty popular way to add movements & visuals.

Illustrations - 

More and more brands are experimenting with the illustrations to add liveliness to their web pages. The illustrators and graphic artists have the expertise to create bespoke illustrations for the websites, which is an interesting trend of this year to look for.

Experimenting with Horizontal & Vertical Text - 

To achieve a great web design, the Professional web designers are exploring the idea of mixing horizontal and vertical text. This concept of freeing text adds a certain uniqueness and a refreshing dimension to the web page.

Web design services involve a complex process of achieving a good and effective web design that is relevant, user-friendly and pleasing. There are different areas of web design including web graphic design, user experience design and more that will continue to be the top trends of every upcoming year.

To achieve better outcomes with this entire process, it is essential to keep a tab on the market and hire a professional web design company with the deep understanding of the market and creativity in the working style.

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