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Starline Odoo Backend Theme

Basic Features

                        You can choose your colour skin and background image of your sidebar menu.

       You can chat with your colleague and change your preference to change language, name, signature.

Choose Theme Type

                                                                                You can use "Based on Company Theme" all related users apply theme based on company when you can
                    use "Based on User Theme" user set your theme.

Switch Menu Style

Add/Modify Menu Icon

You can add or change menu icon. First start debug mode, navigate to Settings.User Interface » Menu Items » open menu item, here you can add font awesome icon code in Menu Icon field.

Expand Menu View

Collapse Menu View

Menu/Submenu View

Odoo Form Views

                  Pie Chart

                Bar Chart

         Customer Invoices                        


                 Partner Contact

                My Pipeline


          Pipeline Pie Chart                        





                  Sale Order Line

             Sale order Line       


             Customer Form View


                Left Side panel

    Opportunity Canban View


               Chat Panel

           Theme Switcher

      Mobile Left Side Panel

          Partner Canban

       Sale Order Moblie View

       New Message Windows


Help & Support

Odoo support services is available to help you by email.

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