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POS Receipt Print by QZ Printer

POS Receipt Print by QZ Printer - Odoo App

A QZ printer is a cross-browser, cross-platform plugin for printing. POS Receipt Print by QZ Printer Module developed by Kanak Infosystems LLP. allows you to print POS receipts using the QZ Printer. This Module would allow you to print directly from the web page without actually having to download it. 

Key Features of POS Receipt Print by QZ Printer Module:

Print POS Receipt directly from the printer.

Print the entire order on one receipt.

Set up the printer name from the company configuration.

Download POS Receipt Print By QZ Printer Module Here

How to go about the POS Receipt Print by QZ Printer Module?

Configuring the Printer:

1. Go to the Settings Module.

2. Then navigate to the Users & Companies tab and then to the Companies Subtab.

3. Navigate to the Company you are configuring the printer for and then go to the Printer Configuration tab.

Now, add the name of your printer.

POS Session:

1. Go to your POS session and make a sale like you do. Now, when you will go on to bill and then proceed to print the receipt, it will look like this.

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