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POS Birthday Rewards - Odoo Module

Pampering your customers could be a great way to ensure maximum customer retention. It is important to make sure your customers have a satisfactory and pleasing experience, after all, customers are the most important aspect of running a business.

What if we tell you that Kanak Infosystems LLP. has found a way to keep your customers happy and attached to your brand. POS Birthday Rewards is an Odoo Module, developed to present you customers with a special discount-once- in their Birthday Month.

Key Features of the POS Birthday Rewards Module:

1. Extra discount for the customer in their birthday month.

2. The discount would be applicable only on the first order of the birthday month.

3. You would be able to set the birthday discount percentage.

How to go about the Module:

1. Navigate to the POS Module> Configuration> Settings.

2. Now, enable the “Discount on First Order” checkbox and set the birthday discount percentage. 

3. Now navigate to the “customers” tab and set the birth date.

POS Session and Birthday Discounts:

Now navigate to your POS and process the sales and transactions as per usual.

1. Add the products.

2. Add the customer

3. Process the payment.

4. In the receipt, you can see that the discount has been applied automatically.

5. You can also access the birthday discount information by navigating to POS> Orders.

Want to take your customer loyalty to the next level? Get a free demo of the POS Birthday Rewards Odoo module today! Our experts will show you how smooth it is to set up personalized birthday rewards for your customers right through your point-of-sale system.

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