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Portal Payslip Odoo Module

Portal Payslip Odoo Module

Portal Payslip is a custom odoo app developed by Kanak Infosystems LLP., which allows users to view their salary slips from the portal.

The main aim of this module is for an employee to see their payslip in the portal and even download the same. A payslip refers to a note given by an employer to its employee when they have been paid their salary, it contains the details of the amount of the pay given and the taxes and insurance deducted.

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Often we come across situations where we need to have a hard copy of our payslips, this application makes it easy for you to obtain the same.

How to hover in your Portal Payslip Application-

Go to My Account 

Go to my account

Click on the “Payslips” button


Select the payslip you want the details of

select the payslip

You can download the payslip by clicking on the “Download” button

download payslip

This is how the downloaded payslip will look like

downloaded payslip

You can use the chatter to communicate anything about the payslip

chatter to communicate

Wasn’t that easy and quick? Everything in just one dashboard, no need to run around your office from door to door. That’s what Odoo does! It makes everything easy and quick.

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