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How To Apply Leaves from Portal - Odoo Module

How To Apply Leaves from Portal - Odoo Module

This module would allow the employee to view and apply for a leave from their portals. This is an employee specific and they will only be able to see their leaves.

How is Portal Leaves Odoo Module helpful?

It would become easy for the employee to see the leaves.

Employees would be able to easily search their leaves from the list of records using the search bar.

Employees would be able to apply filters like Approves Time Off, Start and End Date, Status, and "To be Approved" on the leaves list.

Employees would be able to apply for leaves using the Portal.

This module doesn’t require any extra configuration.

It will also help you in saving time and extra-human efforts.

One very important factor is that only employees who are internal users can access this portal view. Portal users wouldn’t be able to see leaves in the portal.

How to go about - Apply Leaves from Portal Odoo App?

1)    Go To “My Account”

My account

2)    Go to the “Leaves” tab


3)    The employee would be able to see only his leaves from his portal.


4)    The employee can apply for a leave from the portal.

apply for a leave

5)    Add the details, and click submit.

adding details
Submitting details

6)    The admin will be able to see all the leaves taken by the employees.

leaves taken by employees

7)    The admin can use filters like- Approved Time Off.

Using Filters

8)    Or you can also sort them by “status”

sort by status

9)    You can delete a record by clicking on the “delete” icon.

you can delete a record

10)    You can group records by “Leave Type” or “Status”

Grouping records

The Portal Leaves module will ease the process for employees to apply or view their leaves. It will also minimize the hassle that goes behind these processes.

Employee Attendance Tracking App - GEOMARKING

You can also explore our Mobile Application, GeoMarking- An efficient Employee Attendance Tracker. Developed on the Odoo Backend, this application provides you with the GeoFencing feature.

Using this feature, you can set a desired radius in and around your office, which will determine the eligibility of being able to Punch-In and Punch-Out. Along with providing you with features like Leave Management and Timesheet Management.

This app uses a two-factor authentication method with the help of Fingerprint and Facial Recognition.

Click on the link to learn more about the GEOMARKING app obook a free trial now!

You can reach out to Kanak Infosystems LLP. if you wish to integrate this module with your Odoo Database. If you are new to the Odoo family, you can always book a consultation or a demo with us. We are happy to serve you!

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