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Payments Installments Module In Odoo

Payments Installments Module In Odoo

Installments refer to the small payments made by a customer for a billing amount over the course of fixed intervals. These are often made against the payment for the goods purchased.

Retailers inculcate these payment options to provide customers with a better shopping experience and to build long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Having software that would:

  • Calculate these installments
  • Keep a record for them for you

Sounds like a good, hassle-free solution! But is it possible?

It sure is!

Today, we'll be talking about an application that we developed on our existing ERP Software- Odoo ERP.

Odoo, as a software solution, provides you with multiple Modules/applications, which are a basic need at your Retail Stores.

Modules like Sales, Purchase, Invoicing, and POS are just some of the examples you get when you choose Odoo ERP. Along with that, you get hundreds of additional apps that you can integrate to make your database as business specific as possible.

One such module is the :- Payments Installments Module

This Module allows you to generate the option of paying in monthly or quarterly installments for your customers.

Now let us take you through the steps on how you can operate this module-

1) Go to the Sales setting and check the Installments on Sales option.

Module Operation

2) Now, create a Sales Quotation.

Sales Quotation

3) Enter the required details.

Enter the details

4) Now go to the installments tab and enter the down payment amount, how many installments are required and the date.

Enter down payment amount

5) Confirm the Quotation.

Quotation confirmation

6) Now, validate the delivery order.

validate delivery order

7) Once you validate the delivery, the details of the installments will be created in the Sale Order itself.

details created in sales order

8) Now, create the invoice.

Create the invoice

9) To make the payment, click on the tick.

Click on tick to make payment

10) Add the details, and confirm the payment.

confirm payment after adding details

11) This will change the status of the Sales order to Partial.

change the status

12) Once all the payments have been made, the status of the sales order will change to Paid.

paid status
Paid status
Paid status

Check the Video For the Same

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