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Partner Survey In Odoo

Partner Survey Module In Odoo

With the help of this feature, a user would be able to share and start surveys from his client contacts. He would also be able to see all the answers given by the clients to that survey.

A survey could be shared and started by the admin himself on behalf of any of his contacts. Also, the admin would be able to ask for surveys directly from the profile of his contact.

The most distinctive part about this feature is that this doesn’t require any extra configuration at all, and it would save you a lot of time.

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How to go about Partner Survey Odoo App?

     You first have to go to your contacts module and pick a specific contact.

Overview: Partner Survey Odoo App

 Once you have opened the profile of that contact, you can see that there is a “Questionnaire” button on the top right. This section contains the list of surveys that you have made to be sent to your clients.

Overview: Partner Survey Odoo App

You would also see that there are “Start and Send” buttons right next to each survey. Send here, refers to sending the survey to the contact via email. While Start refers to starting the survey.

Overview: Partner Survey Odoo App

     Once you have sent the survey and you wish to view the answers given by the contact to that survey, you just need to go back to the profile of the contact.

Overview: Partner Survey Odoo App

Here, you would see that there is an “Answers” tab. This tab contacts all the answers given by the contact to each of the questions.

Overview: Partner Survey Odoo App

We can confidently say that this feature, introduced by Kanak Infosystems LLP., would ease the trouble of using third-party apps to run surveys. You would be able to build better communication with your clients through Odoo and would be able to serve them more efficiently and in a more desirable manner.

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