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Improvement On 11 May, 2017

Theme Type Options


You can use "Based on Company Theme" all related users apply theme based on company when you can 
use "Based on User Theme" user set your theme.


Flag Type Options


You can set a flag based on User or Company.


Datetime Format

You can set a Datetime format from language.



    Floating Action Button Form view


        Form View Responsive


Add/Modify Menu Icon

You can add or change menu icon. First start debug mode, navigate to Settings » User Interface » Menu Items » open menu item, here you can add font awesome icon code in Menu Icon field.


Partner Map

        Prerequest you have to install base_geolocalize module. On top partnermap tray icon you view all your customers location in map.


Control/Action toggle button

We have added toggle functionality to slide up/down control/action button in all views.

Theme Switcher

Change Theme - 
You can choose any of predefined theme. No need to choose 
theme every time. It will be stored up to 365 days.


Toggle Left Menu With Expand Sub Menu

        When left menu toggle and mouse hover over on root menu icon, sub menu will expand and display on right side.


Generic Form View

Calendar View

Chat Panel, Chat Box, Chat Conversation

Mobile Compatible View

                 Inbox View

              Left Sub Menu


                Tree View

                Form View

       Form View (edit mode)


    Chatter Conversation

           Compose Email

 Filters, Group by, Favourites


           Search Suggestion

               Kanban View

               Caledar View


              Graph View

               Pie Chart

                 Line Chart


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