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Odoo Pane View Module

Odoo Pane V​iew M​od​​ule

Odoo previously known as Open ERP is an abbreviation of On-Demand Open Object. It is a license-free software, easy to use, and provides a ton of useful business modules for hassle-free handling of your business online.

One of the most useful and important features of Odoo is its ability to provide various options in which you can access or view your records. In simple words, we have a variety of view options for our records in Odoo.

Views define how the records are displayed to users in the UI. By default, Odoo provides various options in views for the users to decide how the records are being displayed.

There are multiple types of view options available in Odoo. Some of the common view options are:

Tree View

Tree View in Odoo

Form View

Form View in Odoo

Kanban View

Kanban View in Odoo

We can open a form view of a record by selecting it in the tree view. There is also an option to open a record by clicking on the kanban selection option.

If we want to access a different record’s form view, we have to navigate back to the tree view menu. And then select the records which we want to open. This can use up a lot of time for users.

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Odoo Pane View Module helps in giving a new refreshing pane view option to all your modules in Odoo.

Odoo Pane View Module by Kanak Infosystems

As the name suggests, Pane View means a Piece or Section View.

With the help of the Pane View module, we can divide view into two different panes or sections. First Pane shows the tree/list view and displays all the records, the second pane is used two display the form/record of the selected tree view record.

Odoo Pane View Module By Kanak Infosystems

Thus, we can access both trees and form views of the records together in a single frame.

It speeds up the work as now users can shift to other records fast and also helps to keep track of the other records present. Thus helps in working with multiple records fast and easily.

The Pane View module is very easy to configure. We can also adjust the pane view settings according to our preferences.

Let us see how we can activate/deactivate pane view module in Odoo. To activate the Pane view first, we have to activate the developer mode in Odoo.

Step 1 - Navigate to Settings, scroll down to the bottom and you can see ‘Activate the Developer Mode’ icon. Click and developer mode will be activated.

Odoo Pane View M​odule: Step by Step Guide
Step 2 - After that navigate to the module in which you want to activate Pane view. For example, in this case we’ll try to activate the Pane View in Contacts Module.

Odoo Pane View M​odule: Step by Step Guide
Step 3 - Here, you can see a bug like an icon, click on it and in the menu navigate down to “Create Pane View” button.
After clicking on it, you can see a new view icon will be added to the module.

Odoo Pane View M​odule: Step by Step Guide

You can shift to the pane view by clicking on it and can see both tree and form view together.

Odoo Pane View M​odule: Step by Step Guide

This Pane View is very easy to use and adjustable. You can adjust the size of both the panes according to your preferences.

In the tree view, you can simply perform all the actions you want.

Odoo Pane View M​odule: Step by Step Guide

You can also apply filters and search according to your preferences to display selective records or search a particular record.

Odoo Pane View M​odule: Step by Step Guide

The form view is also totally functional, and you can perform all the operations that you want in this form view.

Odoo Pane View M​odule: Step by Step Guide

You can shift to other views anytime you want just by a single click.

The pane view functionality is supported in the enterprise version also.

Odoo Pane View M​odule: Step by Step Guide

This pane view is fully responsive to the mobile also. Thus, you can use this useful feature in the mobile or any other screen that you want.

Odoo Pane View M​odule: Step by Step Guide

Using this Pane view module gives you an efficient and fast pace working experience. All the operations of the tree and form views are fully functional and compatible in this pane view on all types and sizes of screens.


The Odoo Pane View Module also provides us with the privilege of adding the pane view to all or selected modules.

Odoo Pane View M​odule: Step by Step Guide

So, if we want to use this Pane View in Sales only, then we can simply activate this Pane view in the Sales module and all the other views and modules will be unaffected with this setting. Only the Sales Module would display the Pane View.

We can Activate/Deactivate this Pane View feature in any default Odoo module that we want.

For deactivating the Pane View, Navigate to the Bug Icon, scroll down and you can see ‘Remove Pane View’, click on this and the Pane View will now be deactivated.

Odoo Pane View M​odule: Step by Step Guide

You can activate it again anytime you want. Thus, Odoo Pane View Module is one of the best and must-have tool for your Odoo system. The ease of use and the important view functionality makes it one of the best business tool for Odoo ERP.

If you have any queries regarding the Odoo Pane View module, feel free to Contact Us. We provide the Best Odoo Solutions to our Customers.

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