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 How to Disable Follower Button in Odoo

How To Disable Follower Button In Odoo

It is advantageous to be aware of what your colleague is doing. The "follow" button in the mail chatter section allows you to follow your colleague’s activity in a record, which will result in notifications about their activities. By following them, you will receive notifications whenever you participate in or post an activity.

However, receiving notifications constantly can be distracting.

The "disable follower button module" helps to prevent this distraction by allowing users to disable themselves from being added as followers to specific records or activities.

This useful add-on ensures that users will not receive any notifications related to that particular record, thereby reducing distractions. Please click the button below to purchase the module....

Disable Follower Button Odoo Module

Key Features of the Disable Follower Button Module:

There is a group created named Disable Follower Button which you need to implement on the user. 

When you add the group to the user, the user will not be able to see any follow button on the mail chatter. 

No button means no notification and no other follower can be added by the user in the activity. Thus, there will be no notification of the activity in progress. 

1. How to activate the group.

First, ensure that your debugger mode is activated. Then navigate to settings > users and groups > select the user. In the user section, you will find the group named disable follower button.

2. Disable the follower button group.

By default, the group will be in off state which will let you see the following buttons. Once you switch on the group it will disable the following buttons from mail chatter.

3. When the group is disabled you get to see the following buttons.

4. Turn on the button to disable the following buttons from the chatter.

5. Go to any mail chatter.

You will not find any following buttons to use from the mail chatter. You will only see the attachment button.

So, in order to avoid the distractions of these popping notifications, it is better to use this disable follower button odoo app. With this module keep your productivity high and distractions low.

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