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Cross Docking in Odoo

Cross Docking in Odoo

What is Cross Docking?

Cross docking in Odoo is a process where a supplier directly distributes the products to the customer without storing them. Cross docking is basically done at a docking terminal using minimum storage space possible. 

Cross docking refers to the process of receiving products through an inbound dock and then transferring them to the outbound transportation dock. 

In this blog we are going to talk about Cross Docking in Odoo.

Cross Docking

Cross Dock Route- The Docking area where products are managed temporarily before taking into stock. It is not storing area instead a temporarily place/area for further delivery to customer. 

We are managing our products with docking area where product directly place from supplier location and transfer this to gate pass for customer delivery. This saves time for inter warehouse transfer and storing process.

Cross Docking in Odoo allows the efficient consolidation of products & decreases inventory levels due to elimination of storage. It also enables more frequent deliveries and decreases inventory. Improves the relations with the supply chain partners.

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So, let us see how we can configure cross docking in odoo.

First of all, we’ll navigate to Inventory > Configuration > Settings.
Here, we can see a label named ‘Warehouse’, enable ‘Multi-Step Routes’ here & click on save.

Cross Docking Configuration
Now we have enabled cross dock in our system. Next we’ll configure the warehouse from where we want to start the Cross Dock Route.
Navigate to Configuration > Warehouse Management >  Warehouses.

Cross Docking Configuration
Here, select the warehouse. In this case, we’ll configure the ‘Company’ Warehouse.
Open the warehouse and in the:
- Incoming Shipments, select ‘Receive goods in input and then stock (2 steps)
- Outgoing Shipments, select ‘Send goods in output and then deliver (2 steps)

Cross Docking Configuration

After saving, the Cross Dock route for this warehouse will be automatically generated.

Navigate to Configuration > Routes.
You can see a cross dock route will be generated for this warehouse with the name ‘Company: Cross-Dock’.

 Cross Docking Configuration

In this route, we can see that two rules are created. First is, Input rule which will be for the inbound products. And the second rule is the Output which is for the outbound  products.

 Cross Docking Configuration
So we have set the cross dock route & rules for our warehouse. Next, we’ll now configure a product with cross dock route. Go to the product, and navigate to the inventory tab. Here, in the routes field enable the cross dock route (Company: Cross Dock) which you have created.

Cross Docking Configuration

We have configured the product with the cross dock route. Once the product with the cross dock route is configured, the next step will be to create a sale order with this configured product.

Navigate to Sales, create a Sale Order and select the configured product in the sale order line. Confirm the sale order.

Cross Docking Configuration

After confirming, Odoo will automatically create two transfers which will be linked to the sale order. The first one is the transfer from the Input Location to the Output Location, corresponding to the move of the product in the Cross-Dock area. The second one is the delivery order from the Output Location to your Customer Location.

Cross Docking Configuration

Both are in state *Waiting Another Operation because we still need to order the product to our supplier.

Navigate to the Purchase app. Here we can see a purchase order triggered by the system and is generated in reference to the SO Document.

Cross Docking Configuration
We’ll now validate this Purchase Order and receive the products.
Cross Docking Configuration

When the products have been received from the supplier, you can go back to your initial sale order and validate the internal transfer from Input to Output.

Cross Docking Configuration

After validating, the delivery order is ready to be processed and can be validated too.

This is how we can manage CrossDocking routes for warehouses in Odoo.

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