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Cost Estimation In Odoo

Cost Estimation In Odoo

This new feature introduced by Kanak Infosystems LLP. would help you create Cost Estimates from a CRM Pipeline. And you would also be able to create quotations and sales orders based on those CRM Leads.

Cost Estimation refers to the statement that gives the value to the cost incurred in the manufacturing of the finished product. It usually helps in fixing the selling price of the final product after charging appropriate overheads and allowing a certain margin of profit.

This feature is an efficient way to manage the cost estimates and send emails of those estimates to your clients.

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How to go about Cost Estimation Odoo Module?

First of all, set up the configuration for cost estimation

Configuration of cost estimation module

  • Add the product details to generate a cost estimation based on the selected CRM leads.

add product details to generate cost estimation

  • After setting up the product details, click on the “New Estimation” button.

New Estimation Button in product details

  • Now, you will have to set up the unit prices for the product along with the taxes and save it. This will help you in generating the most apt estimate.

Set up unit price & taxes

  • Right now, the status of the order is in the “Draft” mode.

Status of the Order: Draft Mode

  • Once you click on the “Approve”, the Cost Estimation will get approved and the status will change to “Approve”.

click on approved button to change the status to Approved

  • In the approved state, users can create quotations of the product by clicking on “Create Quotation”.

Create Quotation in Approved State

  • You can then send the estimation to the customer by clicking “Send Mail”.

Send estimation to customer by clicking Send Mail

  • Users can generate a report for the same.

Generate Report

It wouldn’t be a doubt to say that this feature would ease up a lot of work for you and will even help you eradicate communication barriers with your clients regarding the same.

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Cost estimation in Odoo enables accurate budgeting, project planning, and resource allocation, optimizing financial management processes for businesses.