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How to Add a New Payment Method in POS

How To Add A New Payment Method In POS

Adding multiple methods of payment is always a good business function. It allows customers to choose any or multiple payment methods as per their own convenience which makes the shopping experience a lot smoother and intimate. 

In this blog, we will learn how to add a new payment method in POS.

Creating New Payment Method and adding in POS

For creating new payment methods, go to Configuration > Payment Methods.

Here creates a new Payment Method. Also, we have to add a new Boolean field for the recognition of the new payment method uniquely.

Payment Method

We are creating a new Payment Method named ‘Cheque’.


Here we are adding a new field named ‘is_cheque’ in the model: pos_payment_method.

This will appear as:-

add cheque boolean field

Now we can add this payment method to our POS. But first, make sure POS Session is closed otherwise you cannot edit in POS which is in an ongoing session.

add cheque payment method

Now this will appear in our POS Payment options.

POS payment options

Creating new fields for Cheque Details

In this, we will create two new fields in the model: pos_payment. These fields will store the data which we will enter in the popup in POS.

POS payment
POS payment
POS payment

This will create two new fields named ‘cheque_no’ and ‘cheque_date’.


Having multiple methods for payments is always a good option since it provides your customer to choose one as per their convenience. Which then, helps in improving the overall customer experience. And it further helps in improving sales and revenue. 

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