Website Sale Loyalty

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Required Apps sale_loyalty
Technical Name website_sale_loyalty
License OPL-1
Also available in version v 14.0
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Technical Name website_sale_loyalty
License OPL-1
Also available in version v 14.0 v 15.0
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Website Sale Loyalty

Using this module user can redeem points.

Key Features

User can add per point value.
Earn/Redeem Points
User can earn/redeem points.
Point Discount
User can discount point.
Sale Loyalty Configuration
  • Navigate to sales and configuration menu.
  • Create loyalty program and set Points per currency, Per point value.

  • User Account Details.

  • You can choose any product and add to cart.

Redeem Points
  • User can redeem points.

  • User can not add redeem points greater than loyalty points.

  • user can add redeem points.

  • Added redeem points.

Discount Point
  • User can discount point.

Remove Redeem Point
  • user can remove redeem point.

  • Removed redeem points and discount points.

  1. [ADD] Adeed the web view of timesheet.

  2. [ADD] Added create timesheet functionality from web.

  3. [ADD] Added edit timesheet funactionality from web.

  4. [ADD] Added delete timesheet funactionality from web.

Q Do we need to laptop or desktop to fill the timesheet?
No, this module can help you to fill the timesheet from any device.
Q Is this app compatible with Odoo Enterprise?
Yes, our app works with Odoo Enterprise as well as Community.
Q Is this app compatible with mobile and tablets?
Yes, our app works with mobile and tablets.
Q Is this app required any additional configuration?
No, just install the module and use this features.


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NOTE: This module do not required extra configuration.
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