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Allows cc/bcc in email wizard

Email CC BCC & Reply To option in Odoo
Kanak Infosystems LLP.
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Calendar appointment booking with a strong backend and a very intuitive web UI

Kanak Calendar Appointment
Kanak Infosystems LLP.
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Module For Customer KIOSK for Queue Management

Customer KIOSK Queue
Kanak Infosystems LLP.
107.49 107.49

Islamic Date Picker
Kanak Infosystems LLP.
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XLSX Chatter Preview
xlsx attachment preview in chatter
attachment preview odoo chatter
file preview in chatter odoo
preview xlsx in browser
attachment preview odoo
show attachment preview in odoo
xlsx preview attachment
attachment preview in odoo
attachment manager in odoo
preview attachment xlsx
attachment showing in odoo
xlsx attachment preview
preview of excel file in chatter
excel file preview in odoo chatter
xlsx file preview in chatter
xlsx file in odoo chatter
preview excel file
preview xlsx file

XLSX Chatter Preview
Kanak Infosystems LLP.
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You can toggle mail chatter by using this module. | Mail | Discuss | Chatter | Mail Chatter | Toggle | Inbox | Mail Chatter Toggle | Minimize and Maximize Mail Chatter | Mail Chat Toggle | Chat Log

Mail Chatter Toggle
Kanak Infosystems LLP.
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Disallow User to add Attachment
Restrict user to add attachment in odoo
Restrict user rights in odoo
disallow user to upload attachment
prevent user from attaching document
attachment restriction for user
restrict the attachment option
block attachment option in odoo
disable attachment in odoo chatter
restrict adding attachment
restrict users on odoo
manage attachment rights in odoo
attachment right manage in odoo
odoo attachment field
attachment in odoo
attachment widget odoo

Disallow User to Add Attachment
Kanak Infosystems LLP.
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This module allows us to block certain users to add themselves as followers for the records in chatter.
Disable Follow button in mail chatter
Unchecked followers on Chatter
remove follow button in odoo chatter
manage buttons in odoo chatter
follow button in chatter
disable follow button in mailchat odoo
button disable in mail chatter
hide follow button in odoo chatter
odoo chatter message
odoo notification management
managing chatter buttons in odoo
odoo chatter

Disable Follower Button
Kanak Infosystems LLP.
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This module helps in adding voice recordings as an attachment in chatter in all documents in odoo
Chat Voice Recorder
Voice Chat in Odoo
odoo chatter message
voice message in odoo chatter
add audio message in chatter
audio message attachment in chattebox
post message in odoo chatter
record audio messages for chatter
send voice message
send voice recording in chatter

Send Voice Message
Kanak Infosystems LLP.
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