Website Pricelist Brand

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v 15.0 2
Required Apps website_sale
Technical Name website_pricelist_brand_knk
License OPL-1
Also available in version v 14.0 v 16.0 v 17.0
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Technical Name website_pricelist_brand_knk
License OPL-1
Also available in version v 14.0 v 15.0 v 16.0 v 17.0
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Website Pricelist Brand

Website Pricelist Brand Using this module we can apply brand wise pricelist on website.

Key Features of Website Pricelist Brand

  • Pricelist should be based on product brand.
  • Easily configure pricelist with product brand.
  • Easily add brand wise pricelist rules.
  • You can add different pricelist rule for differenct pricelist.
  • You can add different price rules for different brands.
Create Product Brand
  • Go to Inventory > Configuration > Product Brand

Set Brand in to Products
  • Go to Products.
  • Go to Sales tab and set according brand.

Pricelist Settings
  • Go to Website settings.
  • Set pricelist to Advanced price rules.

Different Pricelist Settings
  • Website > Products > Pricelists.

Set Brand into Price rules
  • Select one pricelist and edit the same.
  • Add line in to Price rules.

Go to Website
  • Here product price comes according to pricelist rules
  • Change Pricelist to see the difference.

  1. Website Pricelist Brand

  2. Optimized code.

Q Can we show the price according to Product brand?
yes, you can set price of product according to pricelist.
Q Is this app compatible with Odoo Enterprise?
Yes, our app works with Odoo Enterprise.
Q Is this app compatible with Windows or Ubuntu?
Yes, our app works with Windows or Ubuntu operating system.


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NOTE: This module do not required extra configuration.
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