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Technical Name knk_purchase_return
License OPL-1
Also available in version v 14.0 v 15.0 v 16.0 v 17.0
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Technical Name knk_purchase_return
License OPL-1
Also available in version v 13.0 v 14.0 v 15.0 v 16.0 v 17.0
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Purchase Order Return

Purchase Return Module allows user to efficiently track and manage purchase order along with their delivery returns, user can return products from purchase order itself without interacting with stock picking.

Key Features

Zero Configurations
This Module can be installed without any configurations.
Create Returns
Create Returns for current Purchase Order from return button.
Return History
User can Access all returns from current purchase order, it can be displayed in Return History Section.
Multiple Returns
Multiple Returns can be created for single purchase order as required.
Multiple Returns
Multiple products can be returned from a single return for current purchase order.
Optimized stock
Returns automatically updates the stock of product once the picking is done.
Time Saver
This module saves your important time and human efforts.
Multi-Company Support
This application fluently work with multiple company.
Returning Products
  • In Purchase Order Form after creating a Purchase order and products are recieved.
  • User can return products by clicking on Return button in header.
  • This will open a popup window which allows user to enter details for the products to return.
  • Add Products and quantity to return and click on Return.

Return Orders
  • Is Purchase Order Form view we have a page named as "Return Orders"
  • On clicking on the page user can see all the returns previously created for particular Purchase Order.

Return Orders (Manual Method)
  • User Can also create a return order manually from Return Order Menu situated in Orders Menu.
  • Select Purchase Order of which you want to create return order, add products and confirm the return order using confirm button in header.

View Pickings of Return Orders
  • User can also access all the pickings for return orders of current purchase order using stat button Return

  1. Added Return Functionality

  2. Optimized code.

Q Can we return more than one products at a time?
Yes, you can return all the products of a purchase order in single return.
Q Is this app compatible with Odoo Enterprise?
Yes, our app works with Odoo Enterprise as well as Community.
Q Can we create multiple returns for a purchase order?
Yes, you can create as many returns for particular purchase order as required.
Q Is this app compatible with Windows or Ubuntu?
Yes, our app works with Windows or Ununtu operating system.
Q Does this app require any additional configuration?
no,you just need to install the module and add group to user.


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NOTE: This module do not required extra configuration.
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