A Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)  distribution company operating in the Middle East initiated their journey of streamlining their processes and adapting to the changing dynamics of the market. The organization is being led by a seasoned industry expert and it aims to increase the efficiency of their operations while ensuring scalability and integration for their diverse units. This case study will delve deeper into the collaboration between the company and Kanak Infosystems, which resulted in a robust and comprehensive solution.

Challenges Faced

Challenges Faced in managing FMCG Distribution Company

Complexity in Operations

The operations of the organization were spread across multiple divisions and departments which basically resulted in scattered process and miscommunication.

Scalability Issues

The existing systems of the organizations were not able to keep up with the company's growth- in terms of product range and expanding market presence.

Manual Processes

Manual Processes in the departments of Inventory Management, Sales and HRM were time consuming and were very much prone to errors. 

Integration Issues

Isolated systems for separate departments/processes hampered the data flow and real time decision making which further hampered the overall operational efficiency and agility.

Solutions Implemented

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Odoo15 Enterprise on Odoo.sh

We deployed Odoo15 Enterprise on Odoo.sh which proved to be a scalable and flexible platform for the organization to streamline their operations.

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Unified Product UoM and Packaging

We linked product Unit of Measurement with packaging, this enabled seamless utilization in sales, purchase, and inventory workflows.

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Utilized Barcode App for Package Identification

We utilized barcode app to identify and manage packaged products, further enhancing inventory tracking and management efficiency.

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POS Integration

Integrating Odoo's POS Module optimized the organization's retail operations which further enhanced their customer experience and provided valuable insights into the sales performance of the stores.

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HR Management

By implementing Odoo's HRM Module ensured the seamless management of employee data, payroll and performance evaluations and tracking.

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Automated Packaging Creation

We integrated barcode functionality into product UoM further automating the creation of packaging units when adding new products to the system.

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Third Party Integrations

We further integrated the system with a Logistics partner and multiple gateways which helped in improving the overall operational efficiency and enhance the customer service capabilities.

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Functional Training

Comprehensive Training Sessions were conducted to equip the employees of the organization with the necessary skills to utilize Odoo effectively across all the departments.

Results Achieved

1. Streamlined and Efficient Operations.

2. Improved Scalability and Flexibility of Tailoring the System.

3. Less Reliance on Human Efforts, Automation of core processes.

4. Integrated and Unified Data Handling and Real-Time Reporting.

5. Improved Customer Satisfaction.