A well-known distribution company operating in the Middle East serves as a global distribution hub for a diverse range of industries- typically including consumer electronics, mobiles, toys, books, and more. The organization recognized their need to streamline their operations and enhance the efficiency. The organization then embarked on their journey of digital transformation in collaboration with Kanak Infosystems.

Challenges Faced

Complexity in Managing the Prices

Since the organization managed two-tiered pricing for their customers, they required better management of the prices through the product’s form view.

MRP Management

The organization was aiming to incorporate MRPs in their price lists to maintain transparency and compliance with their customer’s requirements.

Pricelist Management

The organization was in need to display prices in different formats. For example- with tax, without tax, and with discounted prices.

Tax Inclusion

The organization was also looking for a solution to include tax considerations in the MRP.

COGS Calculation Modification

The organization was also looking for customizations to accommodate two different Cost of Goods Sold calculation methods to optimize their financial accuracy.

Solutions Implemented

ERP Implementation- Icon

ERP Implementation

Kanak Infosystems deployed Odoo, customized to meet the company’s unique requirements. We further integrated the finance, sales, inventory, and logistics management modules with the system.

Website Integration

Website Integration

We also integrated the system with the website to showcase products and facilitate online transactions, further enabling customer engagement.

Logistics Integration- Icon

Logistics Integration

Third Party delivery services were integrated into the ERP system for efficient order fulfillment and logistics management.

Customer Management- Icon

Customer Management

A category based customer management system was integrated with the system to efficiently manage customer relationships and cater to the diverse customer needs.

Reporting Solutions- Icon

Reporting Solutions

Custom reporting tools were also implemented to generate pre-printed reports and custom reports which were tailored to specific accounting and operational requirements.

Finance Management- Icon

Finance Management

Specific modules were implemented to manage bank charges, employee loans, and accounting processes. We also ensured compliance with UAE regulations for financing.

Advanced Pricing Management - Icon

Advanced Pricing Management

Custom pricing management modules were developed and integrated to handle complex pricing structures and customer-specific pricing lists.

B2B Portal- Icon

B2B Portal

A B2B portal was developed to streamline and enhance interactions and transactions with business customers, further improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Consignment Orders- Icon

Consignment Orders

Specific modules were developed to manage consignments orders effectively, further optimizing inventory and sales processes.

Results Achieved

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Achieved Operational Efficiency

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Better Financial Compliance

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Improved Customer Experience

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Efficient and Secure Data Handling

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Optimized Inventory Management

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